Thursday, 9 April 2009

C programming (part 2)

Programming cool. U suck.
-Anonymous on C Programming-

Dear Anonymous,

I do agree with you that programming is cool and I do like programming, especially when I get to create cool programs and tell the computer what to do.

It's just that I've got this programming exam paper to sit for, and I believe that if you were in my shoes and had to sit for that exam, you'd think that programming sucks too, because every single time you think of it, it stresses you out. Right now, I think programming sucks coz I've gotta study it and sit for a stupid exam. On other days, I'd think it's completely cool.

Of thus, I'm sure you'd understand that, my blog being my personal outlet for my pent up feelings, I'd be expected to rant whenever I want to about whatever I like, regardless of whether you agree with me or not.

Besides, who are you to judge if programming is cool or not? I am sure there are lots of people out there (and who are you to judge whether they suck or not?) who thinks computing sucks too and there's nothing you can say to change their minds.

Seeing that you have apparently been unfortunate enough to develop such an ill opinion about me, I doubt you would ever visit my blog again but if you do, I hope you'll be glad to see that I've responded to your comment in such a informative way instead of a hostile one, which you'd probably expect (and deserve).

By the way, I'd presume that you do not have a very good command of English, as can be seen from your grammatical error. I think what you meant to say was, "Programming is cool. You suck." Otherwise, I don't think that your comment actually means anything logical. *Dummy.*

I'd agree with you that programming is cool. However, I regret to tell you that I do not agree with you on your statement saying that I suck, because being politically correct, I don't think you can actually say a person sucks just because he/she has a certain dislike towards computer programming.

Besides, I don't hate programming.

That said, my dear anonymous reader,it is my greatest pleasure to tell you that you suck, too. For no apparent reason at all, besides the fact that I said so.


P.S. Don't worry, I won't remove your original comment. I think other readers deserve to read what you have commented about me, too.

P.P.S. If you wanted to name yourself anonymous, you could at least surf the web anonymously too and try not to use Ntunet as your ISP (whatdya know, we share the same ISP!) and not land on my page through, with IP address of By the way, not many people use Chrome as their web browser.

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