Wednesday, 1 April 2009

MSN spam

"I hate MSN spam messages, but I hate the sender more."

It's funny how I only ever receive phishing spam messages on MSN from three kinds of people:

1. Kids.
You know, those annoying 13-year-olds who think they're oh-so-grown-up and keep trying to talk to you about crap and expects you to amuse them by lowering your intellectual capacity to their level. I usually don't talk to them but if I do, be reminded that it would probably be them who started the conversation first, and I merely replied because I wanted to relieve myself of stress.

They amuse me how they try to act oh-so-grown-up but can't even keep their MSN accounts safe from spam. Probably 'cause their 'innocence' and 'curiosity' prompts them to click on every single link they see.

2. Uneducated people
No, I'm not referring to ALL uneducated people who didn't receive a good education because they were not fortunate enough. I'm referring to those that dropped out of school because they were too dumb to see the importance of education, hence, decided not to study hard when they had the chance to. They're also those who are never in the know and whenever you talk to them about anything at all they'll go "Huh??"

Which probably goes to show the reason why they don't even realize that you SHOULD NEVER simply give your MSN account and password to fake MSN login websites. For obvious reasons.

See, I told you they're dumb.

Here's an example of a fake MSN login website. I trust that my readers are not dumb enough to actually give their MSN e-mails and passwords. If you do, screw you, idiot.

3. People I utterly disrespect.
You'll know them when you see them. They usually smoke, gamble, insert swear words in every other word they say, get into fights, join gangs, sport tattoos, spend more time at the internet cafe than they do at home, and probably do not have a purpose in life. 50% of them didn't make it to high school graduation. Those who did probably scraped through.

Unbeknowst to them (or maybe they are aware of it but they just don't give a damn), their porn website preferences are being made known to every single person on their MSN lists. Yes, you guessed it. Through MSN spam messages.

Usually, after about a week of putting up with this kind of nonsense 20 times a day, I proceed to block them because really, I don't see the point of talking to people who are of low intellectual capacities.

You can now proceed to hate me for discriminating.

But really, didn't these people once had a chance to make the right choices in life?

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