Friday, 24 April 2009

crawlies. love 'em.

"We hope that, when the insects take over the world, they will remember with gratitude how we took them along on all our picnics."
-Bill Vaughn-

After about 8 months of occupying my room at Hall 8, upon packing and thoroughly clearing out my room, I have realized that my room has magically evolved into a mini self-sustaining ecosystem.

1. Red ants.
Most commonly found in my room (for an unknown reason, they only started to appear in large numbers about 3 months ago), I usually encounter them crawling around on my study table and walls. Occasionally, I spot some of them on my bed and pillow. As to date, I have yet to think of the possibilities that I might have accidentally killed many of them when I'm sleeping, either by accidentally swallowing them or by squashing them flat with my heavy body.

There was once when I mass killed them by pouring my nail polish remover over them.


On a typical night, I usually kill about 10 or so of them.

2. Spiders
Two kinds: The jumpy/hairy kind, and the lanky long legged one.

On usual occasions, I normally don't see them much, but there are times when I would see the jumpy/hairy one jumping around. I try to ignore them, because I think it's plain disgusting to kill them.

Lately, I've been encountering more of the lanky, long legged kind - the one with a tiny negligible body and thin wobbly legs which look like they might break any time. I've just realized that on usual occasions, I don't normally find them, because they were hiding in my old shoe boxes and among my last semester's abandoned lecture notes. In two days of clearing out my room, I have spotted six (yes, I counted) of them:
- One among the styrofoam pieces which was kept in a box which my printer came in.
- Another among my last semester's lecture notes.
- One in my shoe box.
- One in between my shoe boxes.
- One under my bed.
- Another one among my text books.

I didn't kill them (as mentioned before, I think killing spiders are disgusting), and I so do not want to know the possible places they might be in now; or any more of them that I might find in the days to come.


3. Beetles
Not the black tiny ones, but the significantly sized brown ones, which look slightly more intimidating.

I've had a few noisily buzzing around in my room, but I try to ignore them. I think it's utterly disgusting to kill them. I usually find them buzzing around at night, and them mysteriously dead the next morning. I sometimes use a tissue to pick them up and throw them away, but lately I have decided to ignore them.

There is currently a dead one lying at the bottom of one of the corners of my study table. It's sight is fortunately hidden from me, and I don't think I want to bother about it. *ignorance is bliss*

4. Other insects...
Like the semi-decomposed one (which was about 1.5 inches long, may I add) I felt squishing under the palm of my hand when I was picking up my packet of detergent.

I freaked out.

I don't know how long it had been dead there, because I don't usually pick up my packet of detergent; I just scoop the powder off the top and leave the packet lying on the floor.

The other time, I spotted this huge buzzing... uh... thing on the floor, and I was too disgusted to do anything about it.

It was fortunately gone the next day. Don't ask me how.

You may think how the hell was I able to survive with all those crawlies as my room mates, but believe me, if you encounter them frequently enough, you'll get immune to them.

Ever since I started clearing out my room, I've been sneezing non-stop. I have always suspected my room would be dirtier than it looked, but damn, I didn't know my room was that dirty.

You could actually see dust particles flying around.

As of such, I am now escaping my own room.

I think I'll go shopping instead.

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