Friday, 17 April 2009

Hero Rae.

"For any hero you use, ALWAYS buy Power Treads. ALWAYS."

-Kevin Lim-

Rae versus Exam Insane AI+.

Items to buy for Rae:

1. Hairpin (100 Gold) - A small but useful item to pin up any locks of hair that may block one's view. Intelligence +3.

2. Good Quality Parker Pen (900 Gold) - A very high quality pen used for extra-smooth writing, used by most students who achieve CGPA of 5.0. No smudges. Agility +15, Attack speed +5.

3. Thick Jacket (870 Gold) - Protects the wearer from the cold air-conditioning in most exam halls. Agility +5, HP regeneration +5.

4. Coffee (50 Gold) - Temporarily boosts performance. Usage once only. MP regeneration +10 per second for 5 seconds.

5. Calculator (2000 Gold) - Very useful for complex calculations. Agility +10, Strength +20, Intelligence +5.

6. Ipod (3500 Gold) - Good for de-stressing. HP regeneration +20, Intelligence +10.

7. Lecture Notes (400 Gold) - A good foundation for any battle. Strength +5.

8. Past Year Exam Papers (1000 Gold) - Gives the user additional experience for more rapid leveling up. Armour +10, Strength +3.

9. Tutorials (430 Gold) - An aid to Lecture Notes. Strength +10.

10. Notes and Exercises Recipe (2200 Gold) - Boosts the bearer's morale. Armour +30, Strength +50, Agility +20. Items needed: Past Year Exam Papers, Lecture Notes, Tutorials.

Do not buy the following items for Rae; these may cause her attack to malfunction:

Cellphone, Laptop, Video games.


JETAI said...

can't believe you actually thought about all those things... but it's damn funny

raedarling said...

heh. was thinking abt all these when I was supposed to be sleeping and getting enough rest for

wai hon said...

nice one...

raedarling said...

ty hehe