Wednesday, 1 April 2009

PC to Mac

"It's annoying that I can't type as fast as I think."

Oh. Mi. Gosh.

You know how PC is always more fucked up than Mac?

Apparently, Microsoft is very aware of this and thus, have inserted a sort of 'cheat' into the Windows Vista (yes, all you Vista users. We have been using Vista for such a long time and nobody said anything about it!!), enabling the user to change the Vista user interface and desktop into Mac style. Complete with the classic bar at the bottom where icons get magnified every time you roll your cursor over them.

I find that very amusing.

I wonder why I didn't find out about this till now.

Being the generous blogger I am, I shall now tell you how I magically changed my old Windows look into a brand new Mac.

1. Log onto your administrator user account.
2. Create a new password for it which says "pctomac".
3. Restart your computer and log onto your administrator account using your new password.
4. Click on the Start icon at your taskbar and click on control panel while holding onto ctrl+alt+Q.
5. Once your control panel window has been opened, switch it to classic view and search for an icon which looks like a silver apple with the name Mac_COM.
6. Click on it, wait for your computer to reboot, and VOILA!!!!

Yes, I know. I couldn't believe it myself!!! I have been using Vista for AGES and NOBODY told me about this!!!!!!

UPDATE: You might want to read the comments of this post before trying out.

UPDATE 2: Don't get too disappointed though; here's a link that may (hopefully) make your PC look a bit more Mac-ish.


Anonymous said...


Nice to know about this, but i cant change my interface to mac after trying for so many times, there isnt any icon "mac com" in my control panel. Or is the key point on stage four? Probably i am a little bit noob, can you plz explain it a little bit specific for me? thanks.

Avid Reader

raedarling said...

It's April Fool's day.

No offense, I just meant this as a joke.

I hope you're not mad at me...


raedarling said...

Oh, and Anonymous, it's always nice to know that I do have avid readers and supporters of my blog.



Anonymous said...

GOSH!!! I was trying to fool people around yesterday, but heck! unveiled by them anyway. And now, here i am, fooled by you!!! >.<

Cheers!! and and have nice day ahead.

Avid Reader

Anonymous said...

And you know what, no wonder when i am trying to google this yesterday, no results were shown. Even in youtube.


raedarling said...

Haha glad ur having a sense of humour and wasnt offended...cheers to u too!