Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Bad Morning

After one and a half semesters studying in NTU, I have finally come to the sad realisation that for the next three and a half years studying here, I am probably going to wake up to only two kinds of mornings. The ordinary morning, and The Bad Morning.

My ordinary morning goes something like this:
Rachel snoozes the alarm clock for about five times before dragging her sleepy ass out of bed just 30 minutes before lecture starts. She takes a quick shower, gets dresses, and enters the lecture theatre 5 minutes late.

That's my ordinary morning.

My Bad Morning is pretty much the same, with a few more misfortunes thrown in.

Rachel's typical Bad Morning goes something like this:
Version 1:
Rachel snoozes her alarm clock ten times, and then wakes up five minutes before lecture starts. Horrified, she jumps out of bed, changes her clothes, and rushes to lecture.

Version 2:
Rachel snoozes her alarm clock ten times, and then wakes up five minutes before lecture starts. She jumps out of bed, rushes to the bathroom, just to find that the water heater isn't working. She shivers under the shower for a full ten minutes, rushes to lecture, and then falls asleep in the lecture theatre.

As you can probably guess, today was one of my Bad Morning's day.

Extra bad.

I woke up feeling awfully sleepy, trudged to the bathroom, only to find that the water heater wasn't working. I put my clothes back on and walked all the way to K's room with a heavy backpack, hoping that at least the water heater there would work. K wasn't in, and so I had to walk all the way back to my own room, still with the heavy backpack. Then, I shivered under the shower for 5 minutes, accidentally dropped my towel onto the wet floor, and then shivered for another 5 minutes.

Then, I had to put on my clothes onto my wet body because my towel was too wet to dry myself with.

Great morning I had.

The only times I wake up from my sleep feeling great is on Sundays when I sleep in until 3 p.m. in the afternoon, after which I will say to myself, "Rise and shine, Rachel!! What a wonderful morning this is!"

Never, ever, ever wish me Good Morning or I will by all means kill you.

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