Saturday, 21 February 2009

Animal lovers

Animals that only eat plants are called herbivores. Humans that only eat plants are called vegetarians.

Animals that eat plants and other animals are called omnivores. Humans that eat plants and animals are called non-vegetarians.

Animals that eat humans are called man-eaters. Humans that eat other humans are called cannibals.

Animals that only eat other animals are called carnivores...


Humans that only eat animals are called heart attack sufferers, obese people, gluttons, goners, un-health-conscious, and the list goes on.

There are special names for each and every kind of human dieters (heck, even humans that eat other humans are recognized in some way!!), except for my kind.

Why, oh why does the world discriminate us???

On behalf of all the meat-only-eaters of the world, I declare ourselves...

Animal lovers!!!!

"We love 'em, that's why we eat 'em!"

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