Thursday, 12 February 2009

The chioest lab I have ever seen

Check this place out:
Guess where this is??

This couch looks real comfy, huh? I could almost feel my skin on its soft texture, dozing off under the cool air conditioner.

Lookit. He's enjoying himself on the comfy chairs.

Guessed it yet?

It's the place where my lab was held yesterday.

Dammit. I wished the lecture theatre and tutorial rooms were like this.

Two students were assigned to a table (glass top table, mind you) and each of us were provided a laptop (get this - each student gets his/her own laptop!!!) and all we had to do was sit in those comfy chairs for three whole hours under the blissful air conditioning.

We were using some funny program called ChemDraw, where we could use the computer to draw 3D images of different types of molecules, so that we could have a better idea of how they looked like.

I wished I had the chance to try out the sofa, though.


Valentine's Day.

MAE gave out free Mc Chicken burgers to all MAE students who wore red.

Woo hoo!!!

And then, K and I got a whole box of free Ferrero Rocher chocolates (30 chocolates per box) for free just for signing up for some competition. It didn't even matter that we didn't win, we were all too happy for the chocolates.

Here it is:

Jealous? No?


I love MAE!!!!

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