Sunday, 22 February 2009

Fermi energy. Ferm-shit.

Congratulate me, people.

After ten hours of working on my formal lab report, I have finally finished it.

Yes, I have heard many people telling me that lab doesn't hold much weightage in determining my CGPA and that I should not waste too much time on it, and its perfectly fine if I handed in slipshod work coz it won't matter much anyway, and spending ten hours on it is pure stupidity, as I can put that precious time to much better use, such as studying for my Physics, which apparently has the biggest influence on my CGPA.

But what the heck.

I'm a perfectionist when it comes to course work and assignments; I want to make my lab report flawless.

I even answered the uncompulsory bonus question at the end of the discussion!!!

A band diagram has valance and conduction bands. A Fermi level of an intrinsic semiconductor is located in the middle of the band gap; doping will make a semiconductor n-type or p-type. Show how the Fermi level changes in an n-type and p-type semiconductor and briefly discuss.

I had no freaking idea what the Fermi energy was. Heck, they don't even teach this kind of stuff in your first year of university!

All I knew that it was some kind of standardised energy level which gives the electrons some kind of mark to be promoted above this level to be eligible to finally graduate out of their nest and do the real work of conducting electrical current.

Or something of that sort. Don't quote me when it comes to academic stuff.

But I answered it in a quite professional manner, anyway.

Thanks to Wikipedia, intelligence, and a little creativity.

Yes, creativity.

All my faithful readers should probably know where my creativity usually takes me.

An A+ for my Lab?

Possibly. Maybe not.

P.S.: I was contemplating on posting my oh-so-creative answer here, but I can't, for fear of being accused of plagarizing from my own blog. Besides, Physics usually bore people to death. I don't want to be charged guilty of mass homicide.

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