Thursday, 5 February 2009

2009. Great year.

2009 must be my unlucky year.

1st January 2009. I arrived back at 6 a.m. coz I was out celebrating New Year's Eve. In a moment of blurriness (It was six in the friggin morning and I still wasn't asleep, mind you), I slumped onto my bed and by the time I woke again at 1 p.m., I officially lost my watch.

A few weeks ago, my printer cartridge went out on me. My Epson printer has 4 ink cartridges: cyan, yellow, magenta, and black.

As it turns out, blood sucking Epson manufacture their printers in such a way that if one color goes out, your printer pretty much won't print anything else. So even though the document you want to print is entirely in black ink and the color that ran out was yellow, the printer won't print.

Sucks, right?

My advice: Never, ever, ever, ever buy Epson printers ever again.

So, off I went to the computer shop, where it sells all sorts of imitation ink cartridges for all types of printers, except for mine. Apparently, my printer is so 'high-end' that you have to get genuine ink cartridges for it. So, I spent $17 for the stupid yellow ink. I got an extra black cartridge, as a spare.

When I fitted my genuine Epson yellow ink cartridge into my printer, my printer couldn't 'read' it and hence, it was an unknown cartridge, and being the 'high-end' printer it is, it just wouldn't work with 'unknown ink cartridges'.

So high-class. Must have genuine stuff only can work one. *scoffs*

After some effort of switching on and off my printer several times and waiting for a few hours, the printer finally acknowledged the ink cartridge as a genuine one and finally complied.


The black ink couldn't come out smoothly and my lecture notes had words which were half wiped out.

So I cleaned the printer head a few times until the ink came out smoothly. In the process, I used up the other colors as well so that I had to go to the computer shop again to get more genuine ink cartridges, or else the printer wouldn't print.

I spent like $60 just on my genuine Epson ink cartridges alone.

Have to stress more on the 'genuinity', coz that's the only thing my printer will work with.

After my printer problem was solved, my mouse died on me and again, I had to go to the computer shop to get a new one.

I bought a wireless mouse which cost $29.90.

Which, as you can already anticipate, didn't work, even after I bought it fresh Energizer Lithium batteries which cost $9.90.

I went right back to the shop with the receipt. I topped up an additional $10 and got a new $39.90 mouse.

It finally worked.

One day later, I left my room key on the shuttle bus and I was key-less for the entire weekend. My room mate even had to hide her keys in my shoes so that I could get in when I got back, coz she wasn't in.

On Monday, I went to the office to report my lost key and got a new one, with a fine of $10.

On the same day, I found that I lost three of my bras.

Tuesday morning, I went to the office to report for lost items. The same guy attended to me, and I'm pretty sure he was thinking "My gosh, she lost her key the day before and here she comes again telling me she lost her underwear. I bet she's gonna return again tomorrow telling me she lost her brain."

The guy even remembered my name and address from the previous key incident.

It went something like this:

I walk into the office.
Guy behind the counter who replaced my lost key on Monday: Oh?
Me: Err... I want to report my lost clothes.
GBTCWRMLKOM: Oh, when did you lose them and how?
Me: I'm not sure how I lost them, but I think they got stolen coz I can't find them anywhere else.

GBTCWRMLKOM proceeds to ask me lots of questions about when I last saw them, etc etc. Which was also how it was revealed to him that the clothes I was talking about was actually my three bras.

GBTCWRMLKOM: Thanks. Your name please?
Me: Rachel.
GBTCWRMLKOM: Liew, right?

See!!! He remembered my name from the key incident. How embarrassing.

Me: Uh... Yeah...
GBTCWRMLKOM: Whats your address? You stay at block 41, level 6, right?
Me: Yeah...
GBTCWRMLKOM: What color are your lost bras?
Me: Red, pink, and beige.

I could remember the colors so well coz they were new. My mother just bought them for me three months ago. Not to mention, they cost RM 50 each.

Which goes to say that 2009 is a terribly unlucky year for me, coz I've faced so many misfortunes, and its only February.

P.S.: I bought four new bras today (three actually, it was "buy 3 get 1 free"), and they cost me $180.

P.P.S.: I bought a new Baby-G watch last week. Only $118!!! Whee!!!!

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