Thursday, 15 January 2009

Lost and found

The only time I have to blog is in the wee hours in the morning.


Anyway, I've just recalled about this incident last Saturday (I was planning to blog about it but I guess I got too busy) when I carelessly alighted the public bus while leaving my phone behind.

It was about 20 minutes later that I realised that my phone wasn't in my bag.

Panic overwhelmed me. *Isn't that an overused sentence?*

I was at church at that time, so I borrowed somebody's cell phone to call my own but it got into my voice mail. I couldn't call anyone else coz I never did bother memorising anyone's phone numbers. I thought my phone had enough memory for that; my brain cells are reserved for more important stuff, like remembering to check for my belongings before alighting the bus.

So much for saving my brain.

After service was over, I quickly logged onto MSN using the church's computer (thank goodness for technology!!) and began desperately nudging everyone I knew. I finally got Wan Theng to give me K's phone number, whom I then called using another person's phone, coz I was supposed to meet up with K at Orchard Road after church and without my phone, it was going to be rather hard.

Phoneless, I took a cab to the Orchard MRT station, where I waited for a whole 45 minutes (all while coming to the sad realisation that I couldn't very well live without my phone) for K to arrive.

When K arrived, he told me that Angela had called him, saying that my phone had been found.

Turns out that the bus driver found my phone, randomly called somebody from my phonebook (Angela, in this case) so that she could contact me to inform me about it, and then returned the phone to the Service Counter at the Boon Lay MRT station.

That night, I finally got my phone back.

Not before some verification, of course.

The guy at the counter requested for my identity card, peered at it for a long time, asked for some personal photos, browsed through my pictures in my phone, and even viewed one of my stupid videos with me singing 'Happy Birthday' in a retarded kind of way. He compared the images from my phone with my (fugly) face on my identity card for such a long time, I thought he was going to tell me that my photo on my identity card didn't match the ones in my phone.

It was pretty embarassing.

So now, I'm at to commend the honest bus driver, Yap Chai Li.

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