Tuesday, 27 January 2009

CNY shopping n' stuff

Happy Chinese New Year to all my beloved readers!!!

You must be wondering why am I blogging here on the second day of CNY, while other people are still out there eating and collecting red packets.

Well, I'm back in NTU.

Yes, on the second day of CNY, while everyone else is still enjoying the festive season, I'm back in my dingy, tiny room with lots of dust mites as my room mates.

My real roomie isn't back yet.

Oh, well. At least I've got my privacy back at last.

You can't imagine how un-private it is to have relatives from all over squeezed into one single house. Never mind that the house belongs to my rich uncle and there's enough space to accommodate everyone. I still want a room all to myself.

For the past 9 days, I've been procrastinating about blogging about my CNY shopping.

I've found the time (and un-laziness) to finally blog about it.

As all my beloved readers should know, I'm a shopaholic. A shopaholic shopping without parental control for the first time in Singapore.

One can only guess how ugly (or heavenly, to fellow shopaholics) the situation can be.

I bought 2 dresses (one from Bugis, the other from Jurong Point) and a white bolero from Esprit.

I think the total cost of the two dresses cost something like $350. Can't really remember. Bolero was around $80, I think...

Short term memory. Sorry.

Another CNY dress from MNG, bought in Malaysia.

Photos not uploaded here due to laziness.

Then, I went to Vivo and bought two Paris Hilton bags from Tangs and a pair of heels from Charles and Keith.

Don't ask me why I bought TWO freakin' Paris Hiltons. I'm an impulsive shopper.

Here are the pictures:

Paris Hilton. Original price: $169. After discount: $109.

ItalicParis Hilton. Original price: $109. After discount: $69.

And then, because I overspent, Tangs thanked me for being such a good shopper by giving me a free TANGS Fashion Lifestyle Card.

It even states the ultimate truth on the back of the card:
ItalicSee, I told you I'm cute. Even Tangs says so.

This card supposedly gives me special priviledges and discounts and stuff.

Oh, yes. Before I forget.

To those of you out there who think I'm a show off for posting pictures of my stuff and then stating the price, I say,

Yes, I am a show off.

Aren't everyone?

I mean, if you have bought something new, wouldn't you want to show it to your friends? Would you rather hide it at home, because if you bring it out then you'd be a 'show off'? Wouldn't you want to show it to your friends and receive positive comments from them?

So, yes, I am showing off.

I am showing off that I am the proud owner of those two beautiful bags, not because I'm rich enough to buy them, you nitwit.

To those of you who think that I'm showing off my wealth/I'm the daughter of a rich man/I'm just freaking rich, screw you. Coz I'm not. I'm not rich at all. I just cut down on my spending when it comes to other necessities like food (don't worry, I'm not starving myself), and then splurge them all on the other stuff I like.

Besides, I'm merely informing my readers about the price of my purchases, coz isn't that what most people are interested in?

Take for example:

Me: Hey, I've just bought a new bag!!! Isn't it gorgeous?
Friend: Yeah, its beautiful!!! I love it! How much did you buy it for?


Me: Hey, I've just bought a new bag! What do you think of it?
Friend: Ewww!!! It sucks!! It's the ugliest bag I've ever seen. How much did you buy it for?

You see, in any case, people want to know how much you bought something for. Is it so wrong for me to answer my readers' questions in advance, to save their breath from asking again?

Back to the point.

Excited about my purchases, I impatiently wore the white bolero to church two weeks before CNY, threw it into the washing machine alongside with a pair of purple pants I bought from a night market about a month ago, and magically turned my bolero purple.

My freaking white bolero which cost $80 turned purple less than a week after I bought it.

I freaked out, of course.

My bolero wasn't the only victim. My favourite white Roxy t-shirt, yellow towel, bright green shorts, and white undies miraculously changed as well.

As K was helping me hang out my clothes to dry, I peered into the pail and exclaimed "Hey, these aren't mine!! You took someone elses' clothes by accident!!"

To which K calmly answered, "No, they're yours."

After closer inspection, I realised that the clothes definitely belonged to me, just in a different color.

My brand-new bolero, white Roxy shirt, yellow towel, and white undies became purple and my bright green shorts became a dull brown.

The next day, I bleached them all.

Thankfully, my bolero is now white again (but still with a hint of light pink *sigh*) but I've finally re-learned my lesson I learnt so many years ago.

I almost forgot why I stopped buying clothes from the market so many years ago. Now I remember.

When it comes to shopping, the ultimate rule is:

Never, ever, ever, ever even think about buying anything if its' price is too low to be true, sold in the night market, or has questionable quality. NO MATTER HOW CHEAP IT IS.

I guess I got too carried away and totally forgot about the rule's significance. And so, I paid (quite expensively) for my mistake.

At this point, many of you must probably be saying "Well, you're rich and we're not. We can't afford stuff from the mall so we resort to night markets."

To that I say, "Bullshit."

Time is money, and money is time.

Take for example the cheap purple pants I bought from the night market for a mere RM 20. No doubt it was extremely, inhumanely cheap, but what did it do to me?

It made me waste my time and effort bleaching my clothes; time and effort which I could have put to better use like studying, hence getting better grades and securing myself a job which earns me $10,000 a month.

In other words, the purple pants could have cost me a lifetime of income. Lets say I work for 30 years before retirement, I'd have earned ($10,000 x 12 x 30) $3,600,000.

Because of the purple pants, that opportunity might be already gone as we speak.

The pants which initially cost RM 20 would then eventually cost me $3,600,000.

Damn freaking overpriced for a pair of pants, if you asked me.

It all amounts up to the same thing.

If you buy cheap stuff, you'd have to waste more time maintaining them, which is equivalent to wasting money.

I think I would have made a much wiser choice if I bought the pants somewhere else like a real shopping mall (never mind that it would cost me RM 50 more) and then I wouldn't run into the situation of ruining my other clothes and then having to bleach them. At least then I'd have more time to study, get better grades, and then secure myself with a job which earns me $10,000 a month.

Unless of course, if you have got lots and lots of time on your hands but no money, then you hereby have my permission to buy clothes from the night market.

But then again, if you have got too much time and too little money, shouldn't you put that time to good use and go get a job instead? That way, you money would increase, and you wouldn't have to buy clothes from the market anymore.

But then again, what do I know about money?

I'm merely a university undergrad, still depending on her parents for pocket money.

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