Friday, 16 January 2009


It's finally Friday again (gosh, how time flies - but on the other hand, hooray for weekends!!!!) and I'm currently in a more decent mood than I have ever been this entire week.

Of course, ignoring the fact that it's only two weeks into the new semester, and I've already missed out on two lectures. I missed the first lecture coz it was at 8.30 in the freaking morning, an awfully ungodly hour to hold a lecture - I do wonder why some people just don't get it - and the second one, lets just say the bed was calling out to me more than the lecture theater did.

Another thing I've been trying to hide at the very back of my head (apparently, I've allowed it to resurface again by talking about it) is that there will be a math quiz next week - personally, I think the tutor's inwardly reaping joy from our misery by reminding us about academic stress in this cunning way - and I've not prepared for it yet.

There's also this in-class assignment for Effective Communication and it's giving me the jitters. Not that my English proficiency is bad enough for me to be scared or anything, but being able to blog well and being able to write well (that includes wrtiting well for the tutor to read and therefore, I am discouraged from writing any content that might prompt her to fail me) are two entirely different things.

On a lighter note, Business Law lecture was suprisingly pretty interesting. It's amazing how the government tries to make the law as fair as possible, but there are, obviously, still some loopholes.

A contract is valid when there is an offer, an accptance, has intentions to sue when the contract is breached, and with consideration.

Yay. I still remember what I learnt.

Should I be a lawyer instead if an engineer?

I've noticed there are lots of egoistic idiots throwing huge chunks of cash at their lawyers just because of measly conflicts.

Something's been bugging me for a long time, and I can't stand it any longer. Allow me to interrupt myself:

The letter "E" on this keyboard just won't come out unless I hit it hard enough.

It's so awfully annoying that I don't car anymor and I think I'll just ingor th fact that this sntnc just looks wird without th lttr "ih" (Th "ih" in this sntnc is actually pronouncd as a crtain lttr that cannot b typd hr coz th kyboard dosn't allow asy accss to it).

Stupid keyboard.

And now, my happy weekend mood is ruined.

Lsson lrnt: Nvr, vr blog on wknds. You'll nvr know whn it's gonna b th sourc of your misry for th rst of th wk.

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