Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Last day of hols

Sorry for the late update. Was awfully busy with... you know... stuff.

Add drop period is on and I'm desperately checking out the vacancies to register for the courses I want. No, not really what I want, but the electives we are given to 'freely' pick.

Like how I know I'm really bad at anything to do with business, but I still have to pick a business-related elective.

If anyone of you decides to drop Business Finance, please let me know. I'm desperate!!!!!!!

Also, to all MAE 1st year students, please also let me know if you decide to change your index numbers. My timetable sucks.

My exam results sucked. Now that I've done moping, I can finally muster up my courage to announce to you that my GPA for the first semester is...


Fucking low.

Academic stuff aside, K and I had a sort of 'outing' last Sunday, to commemorate the last day of holidays.

We went to JP for lunch, and then I got him a Sony mp4 player:
Of course, I got him the black one. I'm just posting a pink version of it here coz I wished I could buy him a pink one, but he insisted that he wanted the black.


Then, we went to Vivo to get me a personalized stuffed animal from the Build-A-Bear Workshop to get me a late (and its awfully late, like say, eight months late) birthday present.

First, we picked out the animal we wanted. There were lots of different kinds of bears and other animals, I had an awfully hard time picking out the one I really wanted. Finally, I picked this:

Next, we picked a sound for it (so now everytime I squeeze its right paw, it goes "I love you!! I love you!!") and I even gave it a heart that goes 'dup-dup, dup-dup' when you press its chest. The beating heart alone cost $10 already.

Then, we gave it a real heart. One that would supposedly give it life and makes the rabbit really mine. Yeah, I know it sounds stupid, but its nice to know that there's something meaningful behind all these bear-making stuff, and that there's actually a nice, solemn ritual that makes spending $80 on a stuffed animal all worth while.

I picked out a bright red heart and rubbed it, kissed it, let K kiss it, and then squeezed it hard while I made a wish.

*As the heart goes into the bear, may my wish come true.*

Then, we shopped for its clothes.

I picked out a bathrobe for it coz it was soft and comfy.

Besides, I don't think I'd want to hug a rabbit wearing a lacy tutu or a sequin-embedded punk dress to sleep at night.

Bathrobes make stuffed animals seem more homely, don't you think?

I love it's furry rabbit bathroom slippers, too.

They were awfully hard to put on.

I even bought it a cute Hello Kitty underwear which cost $6.90:

I know it won't be actually visible under it's bathrobe, but if people wear undies, why not my stuffed animal? I brought it to life, so there.

I named it Fifu.

I know it's a weird name, but I couldn't think of any better ones.

Then, K and I went back to JP, shopped a bit for my CNY clothes, and took silly photos (which cost us $8!!!) at the photo booth at the arcade. You can view them at my Friendster profile.

Finally, we watched Yes Man before heading back to get ready for class the next day.

I'm going to get a GPA of 5.1 this semester!!!!!

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