Saturday, 26 January 2008

(Window) shopping trip

My Mensa membership card arrived today.



The sticking out of the tongue is a universal way of showing haughtiness.

I know I'm childish, but I just can't help it. It's human nature to want to show off. Or at least my nature.

I went shopping window shopping with Yokey today.

I did not, I repeat, DID NOT buy anything. Isn't that a miracle?????? Thrifty me!!!!!!!!

Of course, except for the cheap bracelet from Bead Zone, which I bought at a low price of RM 10.90.

You can't possibly consider that as a real purchase, right? I mean, it's just a tiny bracelet!! Barely noticeable!!!

All right, I'll admit. I bought on impulse. Again. But it was awfully, extremely, tremendously, stupendously, superfluously pretty!!! I couldn't resist!!!! The moment I laid eyes on it, I grabbed it and rushed to the counter. Yokey warned that I might regret my actions later...


Besides that little purchase, I didn't buy anything else!! Honest!!!!

Aren't I a good girl?

I tried on a few pretty dresses. I plan to bring my mother along with me on my next shopping trip. I'll show her the dresses. She'll see how nice they look on me. I'll make her believe that the dresses ought to belong in my closet. Then, I'll tell her I don't have enough cash.


I hate having my period.

The worst is when you've got diarrhea and your menses at the same time. As if having abdominal pain isn't enough, the shit comes in and makes it worse. And, yes. I mean literally.

Imagine having both kinds of aches at once.

Sometimes, I don't even know if it's nature calling, or just my biological clock reminding me of my solemn duty as a female. Normally I'd just withstand the pain until it gets too much for me to bear, then I'll go try my luck at the 'throne'.

For some unknown random reason, when I'm having my period, the shit in me seems reluctant to be disposed of. As if my abdominal muscles contracting involuntarily isn't painful enough, the shit decides at this instant to be stubborn and expect my muscles to work even harder to evacuate them from my ass.

And, no, I DO NOT have constipation. The shit automatically becomes more difficult to be coaxed out when my period comes. Happens all the time.
Diarrhea makes it worse.

The worst part is, my vagina HURTS LIKE HELL at RANDOM INTERVALS.

Don't ask me why.

You see, it's hard being a female.

Fortunately, I took some Paracetamol (more widely recognised as the commercialized Panadol) and I'm feeling much better now.

When I give birth to my first child, my future husband had better thank me for enduring all these years of suffering.

Not that I'm planning to get married anytime soon. And I definitely don't want to get pregnant, regardless of my marital status.

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