Tuesday, 1 January 2008

New Year celebration

Happy new year.

On the 31st of December 2007, Yokey, Xing and I went to Gurney for the new year celebration.

I can't say it was all that fun, but at least I spent the day with two of my closest friends.

Yokey arrived at my house at around noon. I was still in bed.

Door creaks open.

Yokey: Hello!
Me: Mmph...
Yokey: Hey what's this?
Me: *mumble, mumble*
Yokey: It's so cute!!!
Me: *mumble, mumble*
Yokey: Hey where can i put my stuff? I leave them here, okay?
Me: *mumble, mumble*
Yokey: *chatter, chatter*
Me: *mumble, mumble*
Yokey: *chatter, chatter*
Me: Sheesh, I give up. I'm wide awake now.
Yokey: Aww... Did I wake you up? I'm sorry... *blinks*


We played Silent Hill on my brother's PlayStation Two.

At about 4, we went to Gurney to meet up with Xing. Yokey, Xing and I wore matching shirts, with a GB (Gossip Babies) logo on the front and our names on the back. Silas fetched us to New World, because Manhattan Fish Market was having a promotion. Desserts were only five bucks each. We ordered FOUR sets of desserts.

Shopped at Gurney Plaza after that. I bought two Padini shirts. For every single time I go out, I wear one new blouse/shirt, but I purchase two more. As a result, I notice that I have been wearing brand new clothes every single time I go out. I have to stop buying clothes till I'm done wearing all my new ones.

My mum has killed me many times, but I never learn.

I also bought a pair of slippers to add to my collection.

We shopped from 6 to 10 pm. Then, we took a stroll (while squeezing our way through) Gurney Walk, enjoying the ambiance. I just love atmospheres like this; it puts me in the mood.

Coffee Bean was packed. We found ourselves seats (fortunately) and we just lazed around (wishing and wishing with all our might that we had playing cards or UNO to entertain ourselves with) till midnight. The fireworks were quite pretty (all fireworks are, anyway) and it was romantic being able to view it in the company of my best friends.

After that, we fetched Shalyn from Bird's place and arrived at my place at 2 am. Yokey and I took a quick bath, but Xing said "I'm so lazy....".

Yokey and I changed into clean clothes while Xing remained in her GB shirt. The very same shirt she was wearing ten hours ago. We played UNO and poker (with cards we bought at a convenience store) till 3 am. Then, we entertained ourselves with the PlayStation Two while Xing fell asleep, still in her GB shirt. Without taking a bath or even brushing her teeth.

Yokey, Shalyn and I continued playing till 6 a.m. .

Shalyn left early the next morning (or rather, a few hours after falling asleep) while we slept in till after noon. Yokey shook Xing awake and demanded she take a bath. However, Xing didn't want to because "I'm so sleepy...". So Yokey and I took a quick shower and ordered pizza.

We pigged out in the room. Xing joined us, still in her GB shirt. After eating, we played poker a little while more till 3 p.m.. Then Xing's mother arrived and fetched her back.

I did some calculations, and I found that in the last 24 hours, Xing had not changed, bathed, nor brushed her teeth.


I went job hunting today. Wish me luck in tomorrow's job interview at McDonald's.

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