Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Lets Chat.

I was bored. So, I did the most ridiculous thing ever.

In the personal message of my MSN, I typed:

In conjunction with Rachel's Lets Chat campaign, the 5th person who messages me gets to go on a free date with me! Contest is open to all ages and sexes.

Of course, the campaign doesn't exactly exist (maybe I should establish such a campaign, before I die of boredom or loneliness), nor am I ready to date unknown (and possibly annoying) guys/girls.

The first person who messaged me said "Am I the fifth person?"

Sorry, but no.

"I'm not? Oh, how disappointing."

I told him I'd reconsider, because he claimed that he was willing to come all the way to Penang, just for the date (He lives in Kuala Lumpur). He seemed satisfied with that motion.

Then, I messaged Kevin. Of course, rightfully, he wasn't a contestant, because I sent him a message first. However, I also took into account the possibility that he might message me if I did not send him a message first. To provide him with the same share of fairness (yes, I know I'm vain. It's not like everyone would be interested in dating me), I asked him if he was interested in participating. He said yes.

Unfortunately, he was only the second messenger. All he said was "oh".

I told him I could reconsider if he appealed, and that the judge's decision isn't final.

He declined. =(

The third person said "I'm fifth, right??? Right????"

When I told him he wasn't, he sulked. And he said he'd message me again, so that he'd be fourth, and then a final time so that he'd be fifth.

I told him that would be cheating. He sulked some more.

So I told him I'd go swimming with him instead. As a compensation. (Frankly, I don't know what that was for. I didn't do anything wrong.) He assumed it was a "swimming date".

Him: So what are we going to do there?
Me: Swim. Duhhhh.
Him: Nothing special?? But I thought it's supposed to be a date!

What, you think we are going to make out underwater and then adjourn to the bathroom to have sex under the showers?

I had to tell him another million times that "IT ISN'T A DATE!!!" before it registered in his mind.

Of course, he was just joking. He already has a girlfriend. I wouldn't want him to be two-timing.

And, yes. It will be just innocent swimming. Just in case some of you get imaginative and jump into conclusions, labeling me as a boyfriend-stealing-bitchy-whore.

Another guy messaged me, because my personal message caught his attention. However, he didn't want to participate.


I messaged Marcus and asked him if he was interested. He wasn't either.




So far, there are only three contestants.

So, I'll change the rules a little this time. Whoever leaves the most attention-grabbing comment on this entry will get the date.

Rules and regulations:

1. Both male and female are welcome to participate.
2. Comments must be in English only.
3. Participants MUST be over 16 years of age.
4. Participants MUST have had previously built a relationship (regardless of what kind) with the said date.
5. Participants must be on good terms with the said date.
6. Strangers and participants who are in any way blood-related to the said date will automatically be eliminated.
7. Judge's decision will not be final and appeals will be entertained.
8. Judge's decision might be biased.
9. The person-in-charge will NOT be held responsible for any loss of property, dignity, confidence, or lives during the entire course of the contest.

Contest ends 31st January 2008.

Good luck.

P.S. I know I'm being vain. Sorry lah, I'm really bored, you know.

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