Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Me, a teacher?

Last night, I spoke to Xing on the phone. With regards to my previous new year blog entry, she insisted that I apologize for my "exaggeration":

I did some calculations, and I found that in the last 24 hours, Xing had not changed, bathed, nor brushed her teeth.

(Extracted from,
blog entry of Tuesday, 1 January 2008.)

According to her, that statement was an exaggeration and it was "definitely NOT TRUE", and she demanded an apology because "how the hell am I going to meet people without feeling embarrassed if everyone read what you typed in your blog???!!!!?? People will begin thinking I'm an unhygienic person and they will start avoiding meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!"

So, I hereby apologise to Xing and all my other beloved readers for the untrue bit of information I posted. It wasn't 24 hours; it was approximately 24. Or, more accurately, about 20 to 22 hours.

I didn't think two to four hours would make a big difference, but it seems she doesn't see it that way.

Oh, well. Different people have different perspectives of time.

Today I woke up at friggin 8.30 a.m.. Damn freaking early. Ugh.

Then, my dad took me to Study Link to inquire about furthering my studies.

Now, I'm confused.

UK, Australia, or Singapore? Nanotechnology or Civil Engineering? Interests or money? Local or twinning? 3+1 or 2+2?

I honestly don't know.

Later, I visited my old high school (Aww, I miss my beloved teachers so much!!) and with a stroke of luck, I got a job offer!!!!

And to think I dragged my worn out feet all around looking for vacancies in vain. All I had to do was go back to school.

It went something like this:

Teacher: So, how are you these days? Awaiting your A-Levels results?
Me: Yeah, and I'm awfully, awfully bored at home. There is nothing to do at all.
Teacher: Is that so? Then why don't you teach here as a substitute teacher?

And that was it!

I didn't even have to go for an interview, I didn't have to go through difficult procedures; this job was practically like a gift fallen from heaven!

Of course, there was this form I had to fill in, and if my application is approved, voila! I get the job!

I spent the rest of the day imagining about my first day of work/school.

What should I wear on the first day of work? Come to think of it, I'm not that sure of the school's dress code. Is it a must to wear skirts? Are their hems allowed to reach above the knees? I don't have long skirts, you know. And I don't plan on wearing one, either. Must I wear blouses? Are T-shirts okay? How about sleeveless ones? The weather is pretty humid these days, and I don't want the newspapers to write:

"A new substitute teacher dropped dead in front of her students today. Apparently, the humidity was too much for her. Her epidermis peeled away like an overripe tangerine shedding itself of its outer layer (that is, if a tangerine could shed itself) and her flesh melted into blobs of goo. Blood evaporated from her veins and her arteries burst due to the high pressure caused by the overwhelming heat."


Oh, and what should I do the first time I step into a class? Should I smile sweetly at the students or should I glare at them with a fierce look that says "don't you ever dare mess with me if you want to go home alive"? Is it okay if I treated them too nicely? How about telling them personal stuff about myself? Will that make them see me less of a teacher? Should I tell them I have a Friendster and Facebook account so that they can add me as their friend? Would that make them to see me in a different way?

Should I tell them about my blog, which is occasionally filled with inappropriate language, agitated rantings, gossips, and the likes? I'm a human too, right? I'm allowed to be imperfect, right? So, of course they should expect that I, too, use harsh and vulgar words like everyone else, right?

Last but not least, can I wear two piercings in one ear and three in the other?

Ahh, it seems to me that my job will not be an easy one.

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