Monday, 14 January 2008

That Saturday night.

First and foremost, please accept my apology if my previous blog entry offended anyone. I'm not trying to gain attention or anything; I was just bored outta my mind and I thought I'd just do something stupid.

It was just harmless fun.

I've also noticed that it has been awhile since my previous entry. It's not that I'm busy or anything - in fact, I'm so free that I'm rotting away - but I was just too damn lazy.

So what do I do everyday?

I wake up, watch TV, go online, then go to bed.

Ever since the new year began, I haven't been able to go out that often anymore, because most of my friends are either studying or away.

Even my blog entries are getting more and more uninteresting, because there is absolutely nothing interesting happening in my life right now.

Except that one time when AP, Crystal, Boon and I went to the beach last Saturday.

It was after church service, when boon fetched us all to the beach. At 10 p.m. .

It's nice to visit the beach at night. The cool breeze, the soft sand tickling my toes, the warm water splashing at my feet...

Ahh... How romantic.

If only I had a boyfriend to go with.

Anyway, we lazed around on the sand (Me, with a little difficulty because I was wearing an awfully short skirt) and talked, while absentmindedly piling the sand into a miniature hill.

Eventually, it turned into this:

A brighter version...


I just love it!!!!

Of course, I know it's a little late to be welcoming 2008, but still.

Credit is given to AP and Crystal for shaping the shell and the head. As for me, I shaped it's two hind legs and its tail. (You think tail very easy to shape ah??? I do the tail very symmetrical, some more sharp one you know!!)

I had to go real bad, but the hotel behind the beach had tight security and they didn't allow any outsiders in.

Luckily, it was dark, so I peed in the bushes, at the far end of the beach.


It was tough because for one, I wasn't at all accustomed to stripping in public and for another, I seldom (I say seldom because I must admit, I have done this several times before, but ONLY IN EMERGENCIES) pee anywhere outside the bathroom. Besides, Crystal kept laughing all the way.

How would you expect one to concentrate on peeing when the surroundings isn't enclosed and a friend is laughing, plus the possibility that someone might be looking?

Later, we went for supper at Mc Donalds. By the time I got home, it was already 1 a.m. .

Went to bed at four in the morning.

My sleepiness almost killed me.

I just finished watching Chobits. It's a Japanese anime about this persocom (persocoms are fictional A.I.'s, designed to look and behave exactly like humans) falling in love with a human being.

I sort of loved the graphics. Plus, the persocom was really, really pretty and cute. The storyline was good, too. I almost cried when they almost didn't get together.

I wish persocoms existed in real life. They'd be so much fun to be around with.

I'm involuntarily mentally unoccupied. Someone, please save me before I become metabolically challenged.

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