Sunday, 29 August 2010

typical date we were on. Dinner, movie.

There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.
~ Mother Teresa


Today was pretty much fun, as usual, out with Kevin.


Went to Thai Accent (upon recommendation from Patrick's blog) for dinner - must say, was YUMMEH!

Were on a pretty tight budget - just realised that in less than a month, had spent all of July's salary + few more hundred credited out of Aug's pay (which amounts to $1.5k; don't ask how I managed that amount), even though August isn't officially over yet =.= - so we didn't order much.

Our order: Pineapple seafood fried rice, Claypot coconut seafood rice, Glutinous rice with mango, "iced water" (the waitress didn't know what sky juice -"what fruit juice did you say?"- was).

Side note - this is second time "sky juice" incident happened to us. First time, were at Pasta Mania when we told waitress we wanted 2 glasses of sky juice, and she didn't know what that was, so we ordered 2 glasses of "normal water" instead. Seriously man, isn't sky juice pretty common term in world of culinary?

Okay, back to point. Claypot coconut seafood rice was awesomely heavenly, could have ordered a second helping, if wasn't already concerned about weight.

Side note #2 - you might have realised blog post lacking of pronouns + few auxiliary verbs, have been influenced by book bought recently, language was short and precise, as such. Been pretty much into reading of late.

After dinner, movie. Yes, typical date we were on. Dinner, movie. =)

Picked The Stool Pigeon. A good watch, I'd recommend it, though a little rough on some parts, what with slashings and fights. Kinda sad ending though, presonally don't fancy sad endings, though on the whole movie was nice.

Then pampered myself (this is the last time I'm going to spend, I swear!) to a new Tamagotchi. I know I've bought 3 Tama's before, but they're broken =( - besides they were the old versions - I bought the LATEST one this time; here's a picture of it:


Was little pricey though - $49 - but this going to be final purchase, pinky swear!

Wanted to buy Tamagotchi iD - color-screen version (imagine that! Color-screen electronic pet! *gaspgaspgasp*) but was over-priced. $109.



BTW, I cooked. I COOKED!!! For first time ever, I cooked. By myself. Even packed some into plastic container for Kevin.

Feels happy for self. Self growing up. Feels self finally matured. Self done everything on "independant checklist". Cooking, laundry, housekeeping.

Am now ready to leave parents home.

But don't want to.

Abrupt ending.

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