Thursday, 26 August 2010

as it turns out, you can.

Remember the time I drowned my iPod Touch to death and I was suffering from a case of chronic iPod deficiency for months?

I did it again. I did it again to my brand new 3-week-old iPod Touch.

I'm fucked up, aren't I?

I thought you could never make the same mistake twice, but as it turns out, you can.

I'm fucked, fucked, fucked, fucked up.

UPDATE: Here's a question for all Apple lovers out there; hope you guys can help me on this. When I realised my iPod drowned, I instinctively tried to turn it on. I only pressed the "on" button for a second, then stopped myself, but then the device started to get hot. It remained hot for about an hour or so, but the screen was black the entire time. By now, it has cooled. My question is, was it on or off? Did i accidentally turn it on? Is it cool now because it is off, or because i fried it by turning it on?I really hope some pro can help me on this.. Please..

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