Monday, 22 March 2010

X - iPhone

iPhone haters: People that have good reason to hate the douchebaggery of those who purport their self-righteous sense of superiority because of a $150 appliance literally anyone can afford but choose not to lead of a life of complete jackassery.
-Urban Dictionary-

Disclaimer: I don't hate the iPhone for what it is; in fact, I think it is a very good phone and I respect those who own/love it. I, for one, would be very happy to own the iPhone as well. I am just sick of the fact that everyone thinks it's the best phone in the world when it obviously isn't. (And to those who claims that the iPhone is better than my current phone - FYI, it isn't coz my phone has better specs.)

(Additional note: don't hate me before reading till the end.)

At the risk of many people starting to hate me after this, you should know by now that I am sick of the iPhone craze.

I mean, when it first came out, everyone were going gaga over it. That's understandable, even with this going on.

(People were queuing outside the Apple store in the wee hours of the morning waiting for the store to open on the first day the iPhone was launched. What a bunch of numb-nuts.)

But now...?

Here's what triggered me to blog about it, when I had already been (obviously) keeping my resentment towards the iPhone for so long:

I received an e-mail from NTU about this event ‘I Call, I Touch, I Buy - The iPhone in Today’s Interactive Marketplace’.


If it were just a phone with good specs and all, then I'd be perfectly fine with it but EVERY TOM, DICK AND HARRY are buying it for the mere reason that "everyone else is using it".

Imagine you're sitting in the MRT fiddling happily with your iPhone. All of a sudden, the old ah-ma beside you takes out her iPhone, too. Oh gosh, sucks to be you.

I have long been wondering what was so attractive about the iPhone.

Granted, there was once when I was also crazy about it (but fortunately, my parents didn't think it was worth the money) but that's only because it was NEW AT THAT TIME.

Given the rate at which technology is advancing, the iPhone's specs by now should be considered PLAIN ORDINARY.

(We're speaking of the iPhone 3Gs here.)

Processor 600 MHz; RAM 256 MB; camera 3 MP. I know these specs are above average, but if one were to put phone's specs as the highest priority then I don't think the iPhone is an advisable choice because frankly, I have seen phones with higher processing speed and RAM.

The only advantage is it's internal storage, which boasts of 32 GB, but who needs that? I wouldn't want to be listening to music on my phone. It's a silly thing to be wasting precious phone battery on music when I have a device specially meant for that: a music player/MP3/iPod.

Okay, so the iPhone OS may be 'better' than others, considering the fact that the Mac OS has been doing pretty well since the beginning of time - but still. Android, people? Windows Mobile? Symbian?

One factor left: External beauty.

Uhh... External what?

I'm not saying the iPhone is ugly (it isn't, actually - pretty decent too, at that, if you asked me, I'd give it a rating of 8/10), but is it really THAT beautiful that you just HAVE to pick it over other phones?

I have to stop myself here; I think it'd be wise to take a moment to apologize if I have ever hurt anyone's feelings (which I guess must be a lot; considering the fact that most people are just dreaming of the iPhone, if they haven't actually gotten it yet) - I'm not saying that the iPhone isn't good.

On the contrary, I think it's a good and decent phone - I wouldn't have any qualms if someone told me he/she was going to get the iPhone but then I'd have to stop him/her right there and ask sensibly:


To which if they replied "Coz it has been my dream phone ever since it first came out, and I believe it's OS is stable enough to be trusted," then I'd be okay with it but if they were to give me something stupid like "Coz everyone else is using it and I think its a very cool phone," then they deserve a slap in the head coz speaking of coolness, there are many other cool-er phones out there.

Okay, if you want to say you want the iPhone because of it's abundant variety of applications then it's also a very good reason which I'll agree with. It's also one of the reasons why I love my iPod Touch so very much.

As I have previously (made very sure) I mentioned before I started ranting, I do not in any way think that the iPhone, speaking plainly, sucks.

In fact, if asked to list down the top ten, the iPhone would definitely be on my list. It's just that, when people start to buy stuff without knowing why they bought them, it kinda gets on my nerves.

Especially when people say my phone isn't as good as the iPhone.

The only thing I'll admit which my phone isn't as good is it's OS (yes, I know Windows Mobile 6.5 may not be as good as the iPhone OS). But my phone's specs are definitely better.

So there.


ThEnG said...

wowo.. chill chill.. dun be so piss over the iphone mania. LOL~ Is a trend.. =) But I think Blackberry is cute and cool! Haha.. Don't shoot me on this. =p

uncle nemo said...

That's why Steve Jobs is so rich now~ Too many blinded fruit lovers out there~ =P

raedarling said...

theng: hehehe i think Blackberry is nice too!! i almost wan2 buy blackberry ady 1, b4 i decided on the HTC

SW: haha agree wif u oso....