Monday, 15 March 2010

I'ma so happiii.

“To be happy in this world, first you need a cell phone and then you need an airplane. Then you're truly wireless.”
-Ted Turner-

Ahh, what a wonderful, wonderful day it is, to be able to visit the IT Show on a wonderful, wonderful Sunday.

*Not that wonderful actually; I slept at 4 a.m. the 'night' before*

How can it not be, when you've just become the proud owner of...

Uh, now, lets see...

The, uh, HTC thingy....

You know, that wide screen phone...

Something... Something... which looks like this?

The HTC HD2.

Okay, I'm no phone reviewer, so lets cut the crap and hit the specs:

- ROM: 512 MB
- RAM: 448 MB
- Windows Mobile® 6.5 Professional
- Resolution: 480 X 800 WVGA
- 1GHz Snapdragon™ processor (OMG 1GHZ!)
- 5 Megapixel camera

Okay, so at first I was like "omg this phone is HUGEEEEE; the Nexus One is definitely better."

Then, today, I suddenly changed my mind and instinctively, spontaneously bought the HTC HD2.

Funny how I already had my mind set on Nexus One for days on ends; and then, just after an hour of meeting the new HTC HD2, I immediately thought it was the phone for me.

Kinda makes me think of how you may have been in love with your childhood friend whom you've known forever, and then when another guy comes along, you realize how wrong you have been about your feelings for the past 20 years.

Anyway, don't tell me I should have picked the Nexus One coz that'd be the real phone that I'd really wanted and that HTC HD2 was only like a temporary euphoria thingy - c'mon, don't tell me you've never had moments when you made drastic spontaneous decisions before?

So anyways, enough of that; I compared my new HD2 to my iPod Touch:

See the difference?

Yep, it's that big. Thinner than the iPhone, though.

I also bought a 500Gb external hard disk today for only $119!


Time to throw out my mediocre 160Gb HDD (which I bought for $130 1.5 years ago. Bummer).

As of such, I'ma so happiii.

P.S.: I have come across a few Facebook groups that caught my attention lately; two of which are "Those kids must really regret asking Ted how they met their mother" and "If a guy replies your message while playing Dota, he must really love you".



eTHaNe said...

nice phone~
happy with that?
by the way, i read the conversation you all had that day about your phone... via vinc's blog... HAHAHAHAHA!!!

raedarling said...

ya~~ happy.... maybe LG abit not happy coz they think its a vibrator... =.=

Yokie said...

I absolutely adore your new phone. Which of course is what I said when I got my omnia. The euphoria has wore off and now, I'm stuck with a phone which can barely connect to wifi signals! ARGH!

Fiuf said...
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raedarling said...

hahaha oh well~~ omnia was actually a really cool phone when it first came out...bear with it!! my phone will in time go out of style too....

though i must say, my wifi connection is great... haha