Saturday, 20 March 2010


I wished charging of electronic devices could go wireless too. Then the world would be a perfect place to live in.

Warning: This might get boring, coz it's just about... Stuff. MY stuff. I honestly don't think you'd be pretty much interested in that. You were warned.

Don't come around later saying stuff like "omg ur such a show-off/stuck up biatch. Keep ur stuff to urself, bitch," coz to that I'll probably reply, "I don't give a damn; I warned you, didn't I?"

You know how every time you buy a new electronic device, it comes in a package along with chargers, earphones, USB cables, and sometimes even complimentary connectors for misc. uses?

It's taking up more and more space and it's starting to freaking annoy me.

I took this picture purposefully for this post.

I currently have:

- 4 earphonesI got one free when I bought my iPod Touch, another free when I bought my old Sony Ericsson phone, another free one when I recently bought my HTC HD2, and my Sony earphones which I'm currently using.

- Several USB connectors
Two for my PSP, one free when I oughbt my old external hard disk, another free when I recently bought my new external hard disk, another one for my old Sony Ericsson phone, and two more free USB cables when I recently bought my new HTC.

- Chargers
I'm very grateful for the advancement in technology, that now USB cables are doubled as a charger as well. Pretty much saves up lots of space and clutter, especially when you encounter that unfortunate situation where you need to charge all your electronic devices AT ONCE. Trust me, it happens.

The complicated solution:
My new external hard disk's USB cable seems to fit my HTC perfectly well, so I guess I could do away with my HTC USB connector cum charger. Thankfully, Apple designs their products to be multi-usage, so I only need one USB cable for my iPod syncing and charging purposes. I only need one pair of earphones, so... well... Who wants free earphones?? Like seriously, I don't have 4 pairs of ears.


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