Wednesday, 13 January 2010

A lil update, I'm running late. (gosh, it rhymes!!!)


its just 2nd day of school but everything is pouring in AT ONCE! I CANT BREATHE!
-Rae on twitter-

It's the third day into academic semester; haven't updated for a long, long time due to you-know-what.

If you're still asking, it's uni stuff, you nincompoop.

Not entirely free now either (it's 7.10 p.m.; my training officially starts at 7 p.m.; I know I'm running late), but what the heck, I'll just do a little updating on my blog before anyone starts complaining.

Not that some hasn't started.

I've gotta make it brief, so here's a list of what I've been up to for the past week that made me oh-too-busy for blogging.

1. Hung out with friends
2. Hung out with Kevin, ever since he came back (Grassies, whatever you're gonna do or say, don't. I still miss you guys. LOLS)
3. Watched Avatar. In 3D. It's my first time ever watching a 3D movie. Whatever. Laugh all you want.
4. Did some fun stuff with Kevin.

I know point 2 and 4 are pretty similar. But still. I'm making a point.

Fun stuff referring to: Some silly, like playing Plants VS Zombies together, and some pretty simple like constructing a spherical puzzle bought from Puzzle World. Cost $21; later found that I could have gotten some wood construction pieces for only $15, which seemed more fun to do.

Gosh it's 7.18. I'd better go. I know it's going against my principle of uploading a few photos and calling it a day (heck, is that even considered blogging, you stupid bimbos?); God knows I'm guilt ridden, but what the heck.

Will update you guys with pictures tonight; promise they'll be a tad more interesting than what those brainless, mindless, language-less, stupid bimbotic camwhores (see, they even call themselves whores, how much more stupid can they be?) put on their homicidal blogs.

It's 7.21. Shit.



I'm back from training, it's 10.30 p.m., and I'm freaking tired.


Anyway, here are pictures, as promised:

Disclaimer: They're nothing much, just a few random pics to keep you updated. Keep your expectations low. I'm no professional photographer.

Wrote this on my lecture notes during Math 3 lecture.

If you can't read, click to enlarge. If you still can't read, here's some help:

2010 resolution: I will not write negative comments on my lecture notes, no matter how much I hate it or how stressed I am. Doing so will only ruin my mood all the more every time I see it.

I *heart* Matrix!! *arrow* Sentences like this can improve and boost interest on the subject, even though it's a lie.

This pic is dated eons of months ago, just decided I'd upload it here. I'm random.

Found this while randomly browsing through the net. The arrow like part of the wireless split-keyboard doubles as a mouse!! It has a touch sensor thingy, when you hold and move it, it automatically turns into a mouse, and the keys J, K, and L automatically function as mouse buttons.
I wouldn't mind owning a device like that.

Went to Haagen Daz the other week. The new dark chocolate orange flavor wasn't all that bad.

Kevin just sent me pictures of the spherical puzzle:


Cute, isn't it??

A Domokun key chain Kevin gave me from his Taiwan trip:
I'm a hugeass fan of Domokun!! I don't care what you think, I find this brown big-mouthed creature breathtakingly adorable!!

Last but not least, here are some drawings I was secretly doing while feigning a serious face and pretending to take notes when attending a boring meeting the other day:

You'll have to admit, I'm quite an artist, no?

My apologies, you just have to accept the fact that I'm no meeting person.

It's now 11.15 p.m.; I can' believe I spent 45 minutes just uploading pictures. I'm going to kill myself now.


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