Sunday, 17 January 2010

"Sorry, we don't have a size 6", the sales girl said.

Shopping is better than sex. If you're not satisfied after shopping you can make an exchange for something you really like.
-Adrienne Gusoff-

Today marks the first weekend of the first academic week!!!

*drum rolls and trumpets*

Had my very first visit to Ion Orchard today with Kevin.

Yes, yes, I know. Ion Orchard has been open eons and eons ago and I must be kidding you that this is the very first time I've been there, but it's true. Just because I'm a shopaholic doesn't mean I automatically have to visit every shopping mall in Singapore. I do have a life, you know. One that doesn't revolve solely around shopping.

Anyways, I went there, and I...

...Didn't buy anything.

Whatdya expect, it was Ion Orchard. Not Bugis Street.

However, we did manage to get three tiny miserable balls of chocolate from Sins, which cost $6.90, each ball of chocolate measuring 1.5 cm in diameter.

If you didn't get me, I'll say it again.


1.5-diameter balls of chocolate.

For SGD.



Anyways, we figured that since it wasn't everyday that you get to eat bloody 'spensive chocolates, we might as well give it a try.

Mind you, the process of eating wasn't easy - I think we suffered more in trying our very best to savor every second of it and trying to taste with every tastebud we could, rather than actually enjoying it.

Heck, our conscience didn't even allow us to pop entire balls of chocolate into our mouths! We had to take tiny nibbles.

Just in case you might consider buying those damned sinful chocolates, here's a guide how to eat 'spensive chocolate.

Guide to eating 'spensive chocolate.

I even added illustrations for better understanding. *applause*

Step 1: Purchase said chocolates.
Illustration 1: Purchasing.

Step 2: Quickly find a nice spot, one where you can sit comfortably and not have any distractions. Do this quickly, to avoid said chocolate from melting.

Illustration 2: A nice spot.

Step 3: Admire said chocolate's beauty. Allow yourself to hold it gently in your fingers for a little while, but not too long or else it'll melt.
Illustration 3: A chocolate's beauty.

Step 4: Bite gently into it and allow your tongue to savor it before gently giving it a few chews. Enjoy the taste of it and try not to swallow too fast, but try not to keep it too long in your mouth either, or else it's gonna be disgusting. This is a technique which with adequate practice, you'll master pretty well. For me, it came naturally, coz I'm too poor to be able to eat luxurious foods all the time. Ahah.
Illustration 4: Eating chocolate.

Step 5: Close your eyes and let your senses free.
Illustration 5: Kevin savoring the final bite of chocolate.

Poor people like us don't get to indulge in sinful (in the financial and health sense) chocolate everyday, so of course we snapped some pictures of said chocolates before eating them.

Three balls of chocolate in a bag.

First flavor: Orange Vodka.

Comparing the size of a chocolate ball to the size of an index finger.

Half eaten.

Mint alcoholic flavor.

Green tea alcoholic flavor.

My favourite was the Orange Vodka, it was HEAVENLY.

There's this thin orange crust (brittle and crunchy) on the outside which tastes a little sour, and then when you bite into it, you get the soft, smooth, and creamy inside which has an orangey-vodka-like taste.

The only regret I had was that while the Orange Vodka was still in my mouth, I flipped out my camera phone and started snapping at the half eaten Orange Vodka, which then caused me to not able to fully savor the taste and swallowing it a tad too quickly.

I was soooo tempted to buy another one.

I love, love, love Sins.
There was this box of chocolates I saw, it was selling for like $250++; there was like 50 balls of chocolates in it.

Oh, if only...

Next, Billabong shopping.

Bought a bag:$69.

I also spotted a very beautiful pair of shorts which initially cost $69 but it was on discount and it was ONLY $39!!!!


Very, very, very much to my disappointment, they didn't have a size 6.

I tried on size 8:

Sad case, I'm too thin.

Ahah I know I look so bimbotic here; don't laugh.

And yes, I'm going to admit that I'm uploading these photos coz I'm vain and I think I look kinda pretty in them.

Hey, at least I'm honest.

Feels like crying.


You have to agree, those shorts are GORGEOUS, right??? Why don't they have my size!!!!!!!

Just as I thought I had finally found a pair of beautiful yet decently priced pair of shorts.


Anyways, to make myself feel better, I bought a tanktop, which was initially $39, but was discounted to $19!!!! Cheap, right?? Luckily they had my size!!

Altogether, shopping at Billabong was pretty satisfying as I finally got myself a new bag and a very cheap tank top.

Though I'm still pretty upset about that pair of shorts.

Tell me if you see a size 6 anywhere else.

Watched Spy Next Door with Little Grass. I really enjoyed the movie.

Random pics after the movie:

Last but not least, a random photo of me studying.

Sigh. Tutorials are piling up.


uncle nemo said...

typical shopaholic

btw, the choco seems delicious~

raedarling said...

hahaha the choc was really delicious. if u got chance must try. hehe