Saturday, 2 January 2010

Shopping for misc.

"How much did you spend today?"



"Do I REALLY have to count?"

-Vern & Rae-

Went shopping today.

Here are the Precious Moments merchandise I was talking about:

Just in case you can't see what they are; clockwise from left: EZ-Link card holder, passport holder, water bottle, and a mouse pad with wrist cushioning.

Note sushi on top left corner of picture. My supper. =)

Okay, I shall now justify myself (since I notice most of my friends have a tendency to question the necessity of almost everything I buy. lols).

1. My EZ-Link/access card holder was ruined 2 days ago, and it has been awfully inconvenient for me, since I use the card to access my bathroom, and I sometimes find it hard to hold on to it (if you don't believe me, try taking a bath, and just think where you should put your card) without a decent card holder with strap.

2. I lost my Nike water bottle a few months back, and I left my other water bottle back in Penang. Hence, the new one. No, I couldn't bring myself to use some $1 Spritzer bottle, it's way too ugly.

3. I have always wanted to own a mouse pad, since I haven't been using one ever since I came to Singapore. Plus, this one comes with a wrist-cushion. That should all the more justify it.

4. Okay, I have no good explanation for the passport holder, except that it was cute!!! Plus, it has an extra compartment for storing my student pass, so the next time I go back and forth from M'sia and Sg, I don't have to take out my wallet anymore.

Then, bought a few more stuff:

Ear phones' deco!!! Cute, right? Now my ears will be growing mushrooms every time I listen to music!

Keyboard stickers.

I took the 157 bus today.

Notice the interior.

Even has a mini bar!

Posh seats. Not too comfortable, though.

Nice sofa like seats.


I want to make sushi tomorrow.


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