Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Malaysian-Chinese are immigrants

I know this news is a little outdated, but I'd just like to share.

Click here for funny Kenny Sia-style comic!!!

Fuck the guy lah. He can just go to hell for all I care.

Government, if you wanna arrest me, you don't have enough proof, hor!!! I said fuck the guy but I didn't say which guy hor!!

Ok lah, ok lah.

Now I say sorry.

Better than some people never say sorry at all, right?

Sorry I said 'Fuck the guy'. Sorry I even posted this blog post to drop the image of the country. Malaysian government very good. They treat non-bumiputra and Bumiputra all equal. Mr Badawi very good. I love him very much. I love Malaysia very much also because it is a fair country. The Malaysian politicians never discriminate race one. Thats why I love the politicians in Malaysia.

See? I say sorry liao. Don't arrest me har...

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