Sunday, 26 October 2008

New phone!!

Sorry for the late update. Exams are coming so damn soon, and I've not been studying much. Stress is getting to me. Plus, the guilty feeling for not blogging for an extended period of time is gnawing at me.

The longer I leave my blog idle, the more guilty I feel. The more guilty I feel, the worse mood I'm in. Doesn't help that I keep reminding myself that I've not begun studying for my exam.

Of thus my cycle of not blogging and stress and moodiness goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

Gosh, what am I rambling about?

I should just shut up if I have nothing solid to say.

Anyway, this blog post is mainly just to inform you guys that I just bought a new phone yesterday.

Sony Ericsson C902.


Cool rite? Only $398; comes with the iOne Plus plan.


I'm in a damn fucking bad mood now coz I've got THREE WHOLE CA'S this Thursday.

Three. Continual. Assessments. In. One. Day.

Even having one CA already stresses me out like hell.

Doesn't help much that the three CA's are coincidentally the three hardest subjects in Sem 1.

Plus, I missed several lectures on them. The ones I didn't miss, I fell asleep in the comfortable air-conditioned lecture hall. The one's I didn't fall asleep, my mind wandered away.

I've not begun studying yet.


Last Friday, I walked into my tutorial class without studying for a quiz.


I didn't even know there was going to be a quiz coz I was absent the previous week when the tutor announced it.

I was even considering skipping the tutorial coz I was feeling lazy.

Imagine if I did.

I'd fail the quiz.

Thus, losing a significant percentage of marks from my final exam.


Going to die now.

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