Sunday, 26 October 2008

The opposite sex...

After being in NTU for almost three months, I can safely say that my social circle has finally achieved a stable state of equilibrium.

I'm sure many of you back in Malaysia (and many others overseas) would like to know a little more about my life in NTU.

Hence, I shall now blog about the few specimens of the opposite sex I have found interesting.

*Note* To avoid being charged guilty of being biased, specimens are listed in alphabetical order. Some specimens encountered which are comparatively less significant in my social circle may not be listed down.

Specimen A
Ain't called "A" for no reason.
High memory capacity (suspected of the ginko effect).
A good dance partner.
Love Like at first sight, but he already has a girlfriend.
Enjoyed dancing with him during orientation camp.
K1's best friend.
My (sort of) close friend.
Academically good.

Specimen C
Good looking.
A great friend to be with.
Damn good dancer.
Previously had a very, very, very slight crush on him.*blush*
One of my 'more senior' friends.
Seems academically stable.

Specimen J
Previously showed (a whole lot of) interest in me.
A fucking pervert.
Had a short competition with K1 once. Yes, it was over me.
Tried very damn hard to win.
Resorted to tricks and aggression.
Immediately stopped being friends with me after he found out K1 'sort of' beat him flat.

Specimen K1 and K2
(Previously) good friends.
Smart asses.
Academically good.
My tuition teachers.
Good at analysing and psycho playing although both do not openly show their abilities.
Often are good friends in public, but I'm always stuck in the middle of their psychological wars.
I love observing their moves coz it's pretty much like chess.
All's fair in the game of love and war.

1. Specimen K1.
My personal Physics tutor.
More than just a friend.

2. Specimen K2.
My personal (ex) Chemistry tutor.
My ex-best friend.
I miss him.

Specimen M
I was initially kind of interested in him.
Not too bad looking.
Pretty smart.
Too bad he already has a girlfriend.

Specimen V
A really great shopping companion.
(Very) metrosexual.
A nice friend.
Knew him during Orientation Camp.

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