Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Food Poisoning

It's been a pretty long while since I last updated my blog. Blame my horribly, horribly, horribly hectic schedule.

(Also partly because I have recently taken up a new hobby: Procrastinating.)

Was down with food poisoning.

Last Thursday night, I had my dinner at one of the canteens around the new hall area (cannot say which hall lar, later that canteen no business liao) and the next morning at around 7 a.m., I had my first poop, liquid style.

Instead of the usual single solid phase, my poop had 2 phases. Solid and liquid.

From my imaginary binary phase diagram,

Composition of solid phase: 80 wt% undigested food - 20 wt% bacteria.

Composition of liquid phase: 0.1 wt% undigested food 99.9 wt% water.

Solid mass fraction: 0.001

Liquid mass fraction: 0.999

Sorry for the scientific terms; I spent my whole of last night studying about the microstructures of alloys. For those of you who don't understand what I am rambling about, no worries. You'll understand when you study Materials Science in university.

Back to my point.

I had food poisoning.

Damn, it was bad.

Real bad.

I was bed-ridden for two whole days.

On Friday morning, after my first visit to the toilet, my tummy ache got worse.

Unfortunately, (almost) everyone was already attending lectures.

After spending 30 minutes calling almost everyone in my phonebook, K1 finally answered my call. Soon, he arrived at my room and brought me to the medical centre. He missed two lectures and a tutorial coz he wasn't comfortable about leaving me alone in my room. Later, K2 came along with some medicine and they took turns taking care of me while I alternated between my bed and the toilet bowl.

They took turns buying meals for me as well.

That night, I was beginning to feel better but come midnight, it got worse than ever. K2 accompanied me till I fell asleep at 4.30 a.m..

I thought I'd be okay by Saturday, but my condition was still as bad. K2 came over with lunch. He called a taxi and brought me to the nearest medical centre (this time, out of campus), only to find that the doctors there didn't work on weekends. So, he called a second taxi, which brought us to another clinic, which, unknown to us, was only 5 minutes walk away.

Altogether, K2 spent $12 on my taxi fare alone.

After receiving so much care and concern from two very good friends (what with two days of free meals, free transportation, and scarification of time and studies), anyone would automatically start to feel much, much, much better.

So much so that I even went shopping and bought a new pair of shoes right after my visit to the doctor.

What can I say? The shoes tempted me.

That night, the three of us went to China Town and I treated them to a sumptuous meal (eh, I spent $47 okay!!!) as a HUGE thank you.

And guess what?

I spotted Xiaxue and her ang moh boyfriend there!!!!

Too bad I didn't have the guts to approach her.

That night, we celebrated my recovery at Clarke.

Back to catching up on my studies.



Zoey Low said...

i was blog-hopping and happen to drop by your blog. nice friend you have there...

The Guilty Princess said...

aww. u've got really really good friends. Hahaha mind if I steal one at least? hahha nah, treasure friends, studies can go die! (of course I'm only saying studies can go die because i'm so sick of it now. lol) You take care and hope u don't get anymore tummy ache... TMI ok! haha