Thursday, 13 December 2007


My life is getting more and more mundane. My life cycle goes like this: Wake up at noon, go out with friends, get home, go online, go to bed, wake up the next morning noon...

And the cycle goes on.

With the occasional headache or cold.

I notice my healthy is slowly deteriorating.

Not that it bothers me.

Because of my going out so often, I even made a new friend. My apartment's security guard.


Last Monday I attended Andrew's birthday party at Evergreen Hotel. Wasted some time at Gurney Plaza before that. I had French Manicure!!! Yay!!! My nails look so pretty!!! Stupid guy flirted with me at ToysRus. I got a Barbie. Even had it wrapped. I got Bird to buy a birthday card to go along with it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANDREW! I hope you liked your birthday present! *grin*

Rotted at home on Tuesday, then had a short chat with my new found friend on Wednesday, while waiting for Yokey to fetch me to Penang Hill. I almost woke up late.

At 7.20 am, my phone alarm rang, but I snoozed it. 5 minutes later...

Phone: Ring ring!!!!!!!!
Me: Ummph?
Phone: Hello?
Me: Yeah?
Phone: Rachel?
Me: Oh. hi, Yokey...
Phone, a.k.a. Yokey: Are you still asleep?
Me: Well, its only 7.30...
Yokey: You're still sleeping????? I'm reaching your house in 20 minutes!!
Yokey: Uh, no, I told you I'd come at eight sharp.


At least I wasn't late. Managed to take a quick shower, and I even brushed my teeth.

If you think my situation was bad enough, Yong Xing was worse.

We were supposed to gather at the foot of the hill (nine of us altogether) at 9 a.m. sharp. Cindy was supposed to fetch Yong Xing at 8.30. When Cindy arrived, Miss Piggy was still in bed. Poor Cindy the driver had to wait in her car outside Piggy's house for a whole 20 minutes, while she got dressed.

Everyone assembled at 9.30 a.m. . Thanks to Miss Piggy.

I guess we're just not the kind of people who can wake up early.

Overall, it was a pretty fun trip. It's nice to be close to nature once in a while.

Went to Bird's house after that. Changed into her over-sized t-shirt. It looked kinda obscene on me, because I looked like I wasn't wearing any shorts. Had a movie marathon. Watched 3 movies straight, while pigging out on KFC and Domino's Pizza.

Reached home at 9.30 p.m.

Mum nagged at me for being out for over 12 hours.

Woke up pretty early again this morning, at 10 a.m. Yokey fetched me to Trader's Hotel for an education fair. Shit, I didn't know studying abroad could be so costly. Bought on impulse again. Two cute t-shirts; M&M themed. DAMN KAWAII YOU KNOW!!!!

On the way home, we dropped by at Marcus's place, demanding that he borrow (or is it lend?) me his Resident Evil DVD and his anime piano scores. Me and Yokey *ahem* Yokey and I
were enjoying the movie when all of a sudden, the TV went blank.


Now all I have for entertainment is my PSP.


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