Sunday, 23 December 2007

My very first Japan trip

Cincin means ring in Malay. Mangkuk means bowl in Malay.

Cincin also means cock (I'm not talking about the feathery bird that wakes people up with its imminent crowing at an ungodly hour) in Japanese. Mangkuk means pussy (not the one that goes meow). Also in Japanese.

Interesting, huh?

I am so in love with Japan.

The people there are like super damn disciplined! They only cross roads at zebra-crossings, and they won't cross when the 'red guy' is lighted up, even when the entire road is empty! There isn't a rubbish bin in sight, yet there is no rubbish on the ground. Not even a single piece of used tissue paper or a small candy wrapper. Customer service also damn good one, okay! They are always polite and they always smile when they attend to customers.

There were a few times when I went into shops, and the shopkeepers didn't even take notice. They just kept themselves busy about their own work, and they only attended to me when I wanted to pay for my purchase. See how they trust their customers not to shoplift? Japan's crime rate is super duper low.

Public transport in Japan is highly reliable, and always on time.

Unlike Malaysia, where taxi drivers are a disgrace, and nobody ever knows what time the buses arrive. Rubbish bins are erected practically everywhere and yet...


Ever wondered why most Malaysian shops have CCTV's installed?

The following paragraphs have been omitted for fear of being sued by the government for slander.

Freedom of speech?

The following sentence has been omitted for fear of being sued by the government for slander.

I love Japan.

The first hotel I stayed in was really nice. The interior designing was contemporary and the bathroom was super cool. It was during winter time, and they actually installed heaters for the toilet seats. You'd expect a chill to run up your spine when you set your big fat ass on the toilet seat, but it's actually nice and warm!

They even have little water nozzles attached to the inside of the toilet bowl. They're meant to spray the shit off your ass. There is one normal spray, one with finer water drops, and another spray specially for women. Even the pressure of the water and the position of the nozzle is adjustable.

You know how most hotels provide hair and body shampoos?

This hotel provides hair and body shampoo, hair conditioner, and even facial foam. And the best part is, they're all from Shiseido.

Shiseido leh!!!!!!

I thought Shiseido stuff damn expensive one?

My facial wash is only Clean and Clear.

I enjoyed the hot spring. A lot.

However, nobody is allowed to wear anything or bring anything in, except for a small face towel. Which means everyone inside strides around completely naked. It felt a little weird at first, but later on I got used to it. And for once, it was actually a pretty good feeling not to have any clothes on, without being ridiculed or stared at. I'm just thankful (very thankful, actually) that I'm at least not-too-fat. I have to admit, I did pride myself a little in being able to show off my 'assets' without being labeled "hiau".

I enjoyed the hot spring so much, I went in there thrice.

Don't worry, the males and females are separated.

In Japan, there are even special hotels called "love hotels", where only couples are allowed to go in. To have sex. Interesting, huh?

The guys there are super hot and the girls there are damn cute and pretty. I do wonder why is it that in Penang, 90% of the girls are ugly like hell, while 90% of the girls in Japan are sooooo cute and pretty. Okay, maybe most of the Japanese girls put on make-up, which means they may look ugly after the make-up goes off, but still.

There were many cute guys there, too. HOW COME PENANG DON'T HAVE CUTE GUYS ONE!!!!!????

Which very well explains the reason I'm still single and available.

*hint, hint*.

Oh, and I bought souvenirs, too. A giant Keroppi frog, a small Keroppi key chain, and another plastic Keroppi, which tilts its head left and right whenever light shines on it.


Its beady eyes, small mouth, and a small leaf on its head...

It's just too much for me to take!!!!!

I can even imagine how it goes "nyu, nyu, nyu" while its head tilts from side to side.

nyu, nyu, nyu, nyu, nyu....

I also got a cute Minnie-Mouse-in-a-kimono cellphone accessory and a cute hair band with Dale's (from Chip and Dale) brown furry ears and an acorn on the top. Both from Disney Sea.

Also brought home lots and lots and lots (and I mean really a lot) of food.

I would very much like to blog more about my Japan trip, but my laziness has got the better of me.

Besides, it seems to me that my MSN is busy calling for me.

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