Wednesday, 21 November 2007


I had this little 'conversation' with Yokey. For the convenience of you readers, I have made the fonts red and blue, so as to avoid confusion. Mine is red, Yokey's is blue. (If you find this conversation lengthy and boring, you can always scroll down to the black fonts, where my real blog entry shall begin.)

X and Y are jointly normally distributed with the population correlation coefficient P.
That's the stupid assumption u have to make when carrying out a Chi-squared test in Further Math. I'm just trying to kill my boredom.
I didn't know i was such boring company. Thanks for reminding me.

My pleasure
How generous of u to offer that tidbit of information. I'll make sure I store it for future reference.
I'm glad u appreciate it. Some people are so ungrateful, they just ignore anything I tell them.
Well, they're just unable to see how "useful" those information could be.....
Some people. *sigh* I'm just glad you're not like them.
And i appreciate your concern on my well-being.
That's what friends are for!! They understand each other and they appreciate one another! Awwww you're my best friend............
Indeed. Your bluntness makes u extremely "endearing".
I know. That's why people love me!

Should I be appalled by your ignorance or congratulate you on successfully securing a place on my hit list?
I'm not ignorant!!!! My mind merely chooses not to know things.
Ahh. the infamous state of denial.
I'm not in denial. I just choose not to agree.
Am I to assume that u deny it then??
Well its up to u how you want to perceive it.There is no wrong or right. There is just Rachel's acceptable opinion, and your unacceptable one.
Ahahahahaha!!! you know, I've always doubted your sanity as well as the extent of your vanity. And here I thought that the world revolved around me.
Your doubt is unacceptable. The world does not revolve around you. It revolves around me.
And I'm sure you'd wish to rectify this mistake of mine? As amusing as it is to hear you say that, I'm afraid I have to disagree. The world revolves around me and only me!
That opinion of yours is, obviously, unacceptable, because only mine is.
But of course, I won't force u into accepting my opinion, because I respect your freedom of speech.
I happen to wonder where you get these ridiculous ideas from. But ah~ As you have respected mine, I will extend the same courtesy to you.
As you can see, each and everyone of us are politically correct in some way or other. But mine is just more acceptable than yours.
Merely politically correct, never near the truth. And something that is socially acceptable is more often than not a very elaborate fabricated lie. Though I by no means am accusing you.
But of course, that was just a general statement you made, which may or may not be true. And is debatable.
True, but I believe we've digressed. Do you not agree?

I cannot say if i agree or not.
And pray tell, why not?
A simple yes or no to your question would be too...uh....
Ahahahahaha! Yes?
It would just prove that my vocabulary is limited.
And your inability to complete the sentence before does not?
Therefore, I feel obliged to explain to you my deep thought opinions.
I see. Then humour me with those deep thoughts of yours.
First, what exactly have we digressed from?
About how unpleasant a company I could be?
Right. And I cannot say a definite yes or no to your question, because our conversation is in some way linked to that topic. Or else we wouldn't even be talking about what we are talking about in the first place, right?
But I believe your bantering prowess has taken us far, far from the main topic.
It hasn't.

How sure are you of that?
It just seems to you that it has because of the incapability of your mind to comprehend our argument. The topic of conversation of how unpleasant a company you are has lead to a subtopic, which can eventually lead us to the answer to the said main topic. However, we branched out from that subtopic, to another subsubtopic, in order to come to a decision on our subtopic, so that we can come to a decision on our main topic. You see, it's called mind mapping.
And if it is true that you are weary of my company, why, pray tell, are you still bantering with me?
I may be weary but i am a very determined person. However, obviously this isn't getting us anywhere near the solution of our main concern. What motion do you suggest?
I'd suggest we adjourn to another day, seeing as we are both currently unable to generate more insults to fling at each other.
As much as I'd like to agree with you, I'm afraid I cannot because that would contradict the fact that my opinions are always right and yours is always wrong.

I do wonder how u happen upon that theory.
This frivolous talk itself shows how unacceptable your words are. I'd suggest we adjourn to another time, to give your mind time to comprehend my words.
And in the end you agree with me? Why, I am pleased with this outcome.
No, I do not agree with you.
Then why would u second my motion to adjourn?
Your motion was to adjourn to another day; mine is to adjourn to another time. Obviously your comprehension isn't working very well. to be fair, I shall give u time to prepare.
Is it? of that I am unaware. However, I do believe I have won this round.
I acknowledge the fact that reading goes much easier without comprehension, but in arguments, comprehension is vital. We adjourn, and there is no winner yet. Of course, the fact is, the winner is me because whatever i say is always acceptable, but just to satisfy you we shall continue this another time.

The reason why I posted this conversation here is because I have put in too much effort for it to go to waste.

You think want to argue with Yokey very easy ah? Must crack my brain one, ok!

I think my level of sarcasm has plummeted rock bottom, due to the intensive preparation for my Further Math exam.


I received my monthly Mensa magazine today, and I came across of the articles. Supposedly the author wanted to attend one of the Mensa annual dinners, and his friend actually asked him, "Why would you want to have dinner with a bunch of nerds?"


Yeah, I may be smart, and it's understandable that you may be jealous of me because you are not eligible to be a Mensan but I am, which goes to show that I AM SMARTER THAN YOU! However, that does NOT mean all Mensans are nerds!

I am not going to waste my time arguing about this obviously stereotyped and biased opinion of some ignorant people.

Oh yeah, I just dyed my hair today. I wanted it to be a little red, but it came out brown instead. however, the dyeing only cost me RM 75, which is quite cheap if you ask me. So, I threw in a hair treatment, which cost RM 50.


Why do I always spend on impulse?

I hope I get a high paying job in the future to support my luxurious life. I just can't imagine myself being thrifty. That is just....not me.

You know how most young adults live with their parents these days? I think I shall do just that. Sure, you don't get as much freedom as when you live alone, but there are lots of benefits:

1. You don't have to do your own laundry.
2. You don't have to clean the house.
3. You don't have to pay for the bills. (Hence, more shopping money.)
4. You still have your parents as your last resort if you are really broke.
5. you don't have to worry about being independent. Yet.

Of course, this is only applicable to the female species, since most girls (correct me if I am wrong) prefer guys who are independent, right?

I'm telling you, it's not fair!!! Marcus gets a Nokia N95 and I still have to stick to my old SE W900i! I want a new phone!! I wanna, I wanna, I wanna!

I also want that Wii, the iPhone, and the iPod touch screen. Oh, and an Apple notebook!! I hope I get straight A's for my A-Levels examinations. Then maybe I can get my parents to buy me that highly coveted Wii.

My apologies if today's entry isn't very entertaining or interesting; it's 3 a.m. and I'm just too darn sleepy to be witty anymore. Besides, I already drained my brain empty while arguing with Yokey a little while ago.

I've gotta go sleep now. I need to wake up early tomorrow for a round of tennis with Marcus.

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