Tuesday, 27 November 2007


Went to Gurney Plaza (yes, yes AGAIN) yesterday and caught a movie there.


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Btw, do you remember the times when you were a kid? The silly things that you did, or the memorable events that took place?

I don't know why, but I'm feeling kind of nostalgic today.

I can't remember anything in the first two years of my life, but I think I have blurred memories of myself when I was three.

I lived in a rented double-storey terrace house, with my parents, my younger brother, and my grandparents. I had long hair, and I was skinny. Smooth, white skin, with big beady eyes. I could read a little (my mum told me I began reading when I was two) and I could even write my first name. However, it came out like this: Rqchel. I guess I pulled the tail of the letter 'a' a little too much. After an uncle from church commented on this, I changed my writing style to RAchel and later on, I capitalized the 'L' as well. I remember once my mother slapped me, but we forgot all about it 5 seconds later.

When I was four, I went to kindergarten. Every morning, I couldn't wake up, so my dad had to carry me downstairs and force my up. I still remember the name: PEL. The uniform was a yellow dress for girls, and a yellow shirt with shorts for boys. Everyone had to wear a red scarf. Even up till now, I still see little kids wearing my good ol' kindergarten's uniform. There was once a friend puked onto my dr
ess at kindergarten, and I had to change into a spare dress. And then, there was once a boy almost touched my private parts, but I was too naive to realize they were "private" so I didn't think much about it, until one day when my mother told me not to let anyone touch "those parts". We read Peter and Jane at kindergarten, but I was never interested because I was an advanced reader, and I was already reading book six while they were still stuck on book one. My teacher told me that Peter and Jane lived in England, a far, far away country. When I got home, I told my parents I wanted to go to England to meet them. When they told me Peter and Jane didn't really exist, I insisted they did, because "my teacher said so". During the end of the year, I was selected for a bee dance. We had to put on fake wings, and had this yellow and black striped costume. I think I had fake antennas too.

When I was five, I attended Penang Chinese Girl's kindergarten. We didn't have a uniform there. We had an AVA room, a drawing room, a playground, and even a sandbox to play in. I loved going into the AVA room, because it was air-conditioned. During recess, we were allowed to play in the playground, but only if we sat quietly and waited. I never did run about and therefore, I always got to play in the playground. However, there was once when a naughty boy hit me and I wanted to hit him back so badly that I ran around chasing him. In the end, we both were punished by standing outside the playground, watching our friends play. It was his fault, really, not mine!!! I was SO angry with him. Sometimes, we played with dough during art class. There was once I had this really terrible tummy ache, but I didn't dare to tell the teacher. I held it in until I couldn't hold it any longer, and I 'shitted' in my underwear. Oh, the embarrassment!

You know how every school bus has a bunch of bullies who love picking on the other kids? I took the school bus home. Sad to say, I was one of those big, bad bullies. There was once, one of my 'comrades' brought a whole pack of rubber bands, and we threatened to catapult at one of the boys. He was a timid kid, with curly hair.

When I was six (I still attended the same kindergarten as before), my parents finally bought a new house. It was a small apartment, and I'm still living in it now.

I remember my class teacher told us it was time for us to learn how to write our own names (I learnt how to write my first name when I was three, but now we were expected to write our full name) and she told us to practice at home. I used up lots and lots of paper writing my name, and I filled up the empty spaces with little hearts.

When I was seven (hooray!!! Primary school begins!!), my mother brought me to Kimnovak, where I got my very first school uniform. I was soooo excited. On the first day of school, I made friends with a pair of twins and another girl named Ju Yee.

My best friend was Abigail and Sarah, and we stuck with each other all the time.

In the following year, Abigail told me the devil was going to bring me to hell. And I believed her. Then, Sarah migrated to Australia. A few years ago, I found her again (yay!!) through Friendster. I have her e-mail and her MSN Messenger contact, but we don't talk to each other anymore.

When I was nine, I took the PTS examination and I skipped Primary Four.

In Primary Five, I had a whole new bunch of friends, but we didn't last long.

In Primary Six, I was streamed into Enam Biru and again, I had to make new friends with my new classmates. There, I met my current best friends, Yong Xing and Jia Ling. I was made prefect. Muahahahaha!!!!! Now I have authority over all the little kiddies!!!!!

My mother forced me to study for my UPSR examinations, and I cried.

I achieved straight A's.

I was a little disorientated in Form One, and I slacked. I improved a little in Form Two, though. It was the best year of my schooling life. Young enough not to be too stressed out yet, but matured enough to handle everyday problems. We really had fun. And I had my first taste of BGR (boy-girl relationship). I decided there and then that I didn't want to get involved ever again.

Form Three was terrible. Study, study, study. Stupid PMR.

However, I achieved straight A's for that, too.

Form Four was hell. It made Form Three seem like kindergarten. I almost failed my Add Math, and I hated Physics. I didn't understand a thing.

It got a little better in the following year. Add Math became my favorite subject, and I did pretty well in Physics. Not in history though. During my finals, I drank too much coffee. I was admitted into hospital right after my final paper was over.

SPM pretty much sucked.

I didn't achieve straight A1's. Had straight A's, though.

College life is nice, but I still miss school. Further Math makes Add Math seem like child's play.

Now that college is over, I look forward to what the future brings.

I know today's entry is kinda boring. Sorry.

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Anonymous said...

" During my finals, I drank too much coffee. I was admitted into hospital right after my final paper was over"....

I thought you were admitted to the hospital because of the sashimi that you ate at the coffeeshop?lol