Thursday, 22 November 2007


My tennis skills has obviously deteriorated.

I was at Marcus' place yesterday, and we had a game of tennis together. All I can say is, we spent more time picking up balls than hitting them. And half of the time we did hit the ball, it went out. Twice, it almost fell in to the pond/river/lake/whateveryoucallit.


Then later at night, I had dinner with Yokey at KFC. I was so terribly hungry that I made the mistake of ordering 2 pieces of chicken, cheesy wedges, and that, uh, Wrapz. At least I think that's what it's called. Unfortunately, I was already filled after one and a half pieces of chicken. And there was still Wrapz and wedges left. Ugg.

We visited the night market nearby after that.

It has been years since my last visit to the night market; I always thought those cheap skate stuff to be of 'low standard'. Lo and behold, my visit last night changed my perspective a little. Of course, as expected, the clothes there were of low quality and I'd rather kill myself than be seen in those 'cheap, low-quality, no-brand' attire. I mean, just because a body
hugging pink singlet has the word 'Roxy' carelessly imprinted across the front in faded colors, with a picture of a surfer girl beside it, I'm expected to believe it's not fake?

I salute to some people who actually have the guts to wear those 10-bucks-a-piece attire and stride proudly at shopping malls with a whiff of sophistication.


However, the accessories there is a different matter altogether. Nail polishes were only 2 bucks per bottle. SUPER DIRT CHEAP!!!

I was just about to grab ten bottles when Yokey stopped me.

"Did you know that those could make your nails yellow?"

Well, actually I knew that, but I didn't give a damn. They were way too cheap for me to be bothered about what they can do to my nails.

"If you really want to buy nail polishes, at least go get them from Gurney Plaza. Those sold here aren't good for your nails," Yokey said as she dragged me away.

I was quiet for awhile. Then I said, "Oh! I get what you mean! You mean I shouldn't purchase those brandless, cheap skate products here because they might be bad for me?"

"HUSH! Don't say such things here!"

*blush* "Sorry."

A little while later, my attention was caught by a stall selling glittery stuff. (my eyes tend to divert easily towards glittery and shiny stuff, you know.) I saw a really, really,really cute brooch-like blueberry thingy, which cost only 4 bucks. 4 FREAKING BUCKS ONLY LEH! I WANT TO BUY!!!

There was just one problem. I didn't know what it was for.

The lady tending the store then told me it was a hair pin, and she even demonstrated how to use it.

Hmm. I hate using hair accessories but....

What the heck! I'll just buy it for the sake of it's cuteness! Besides, there is always the possibility that I might want to decorate my hair one day.

Fat chance.

The earrings there were cute too. ONLY 5 BUCKS PER PAIR!!! If you went to Vince and Co, it might have cost like 20 bucks or something!!! Of course, I purchased a pair too. Not that I wanted it badly, but it was waaaaayyyyyy too cheap a deal to give up!

There was also lots and lots of delicious food there, but I was already so bloated from the KFC I had earlier, I didn't have the chance to try them.

Overall, it was a great experience (except for the yucky mud and gravel) and I think I might want to visit it again if I have the chance. I might even get the nail polish next time.

Today I went to Gurney Plaza with Yokey and Siew.

Yeah, yeah, I know I've just been there three days ago, but you can't blame me. Penang is so freaking small, with so little shopping malls! Besides GP, there is practically no where else to go! Queensbay would be fine, if only it wasn't so freaking far from my place.

Trust me, I am getting bored of Gurney Plaza.

Anyway, we watched Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, and it was really interesting and amusing to see how the 'Mutant' responded to his nickname. Haha!

Damn, I'm broke. Again.

Not that it's entirely my fault. My allowance can only buy me peanuts. I didn't exactly spend that much. All I did was dye my hair, get a hair treatment, buy 2 books, and spend on other miscellaneous stuff like food, accessories, etc.

I've just downloaded a new game, Ghost Online. I'm gonna try it out.

Oh yeah, the hair pin now lies on my table, untouched.

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