Thursday, 26 July 2007

The Math Test and The Math Tested

It has been another week since my last post. My, how time flies. My trials are coming so very soon and I haven't started studying yet...

Oh, yeah. My Mechanics lecturer gave us a short teat two weeks ago. Guess how I fared?

12 marks out of 50.

I studied! Really, I did! It's just that my brain hates me and decided to forget all I crammed in the night before. Damn. It was pretty disappointing, considering the fact that I scored a perfect 50/50 for my previous test.

Yesterday, my Further Math lecturer decided to give us a short test as well. It went pretty well. I guess I can expect good marks for this one.

As if I've not been tortured enough, today my Pure Math lecturer (who, coincidentally, is also my Further Math lecturer) gave us yet another short test. We were informed about it a week ago, but I totally forgot about it.

This morning, I happily strolled into class and sat down beside Kevin.


I expected an equally friendly response. But...

"Wei, later got short test you know? You got study ah?"


*Shrugs* "Just study now loh. Still got more hour..."

Yeah, like that's very comforting to know.

Keep calm, keep calm. There is always a way out. You have never been stuck in sticky situations before. You always manage to find a way out. Think. Think.

I had no other choice. My last resort....


Hey, don't look at me that way. I'm not the kind of girl who doesn't study hard and cheats her way through success. I have always been an honest student. I have never copied during exams. (Except for that one time, in primary 3, when we were having an exam, my classmate threw me a piece of paper, with a question scribbled on it. To which I happily replied her. With the correct answer. Should have gave her the wrong one.) But cheating once in a while shouldn't be a problem...right? Besides, this ain't school anymore. Who is there to stop me?

Besides, I won't just copy without understanding. I planned to have a discussion. Discussing and copying are two very different things.

So there.

However, Mr Chan was smart enough to know what I was thinking (how did he do that?) and announced that the test wouldn't be held in class.

"At 11.00 am you will all proceed to the hall for your test."

Hall! That means we can't have discussions anymore because unlike classrooms, the tables in the hall are arranged very far apart.

I'm a lone ranger now and I'm gonna be the loser in the Battle Between The Math Test And The Math Tested.

I couldn't solve half of the questions in that test.

Man, I'm so defeated.


Ee said...

Haha.. was it me? XD

Used to be the naughty cheeky big bully as you know.. haha

WilZC said...

aha.. dont worry.. i felt the same way when i did my quantum mechanics exam :D