Friday, 6 July 2007

My eccentric pet. Am I cute?

It has been 6 days since my previous post. I am aware of that. My apologies. I have been awfully busy. I'm so left behind in my Physics (what the hell is P=1/3N(m/v)c^2 ?!!!??) and Further Math. I have been spending the past 6 days studying moaning over my revision books, because every time I look at them, they remind me of how deep I am in shit.

Today is a Friday (almost a weekend) and I have permitted myself to spend some time updating my blog and Mapling as a reward for studying so hard for the past one week doing nothing.

Last Wednesday, Jia told me she has hermit crabs. o.O

I want one too!! Or maybe two.

My dad bought me three hermit crabs yesterday. I'm still busy playing with them. Maybe that explains why I didn't study much last night. No, I didn't name them. I think it's really stupid giving your pet a name when they do not respond to it. Naming your dog or cat is practical because when you call them by their name, they come to you. But imagine naming your pet fish/snake/turtle/crab.

"Come here, Fishy/Mr Squirmy/Shelly/Crabby!!"

Do you actually think these animals would actually come running (heck, some don't even have legs!) to you? Fat chance.

In order to differentiate between the three, I used a permanent marker and drew designs on their shells. I hope the toxic from the ink won't harm them, though.

A picture speaks a thousand words...

Ahh...I'm shy!

Who are you?
Roar! Go away!
Okay, fine. What do you want?
Alright, here's a little performance for you. Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake. The PSP makes a really cool backdrop!
My performance is done. Now, go away!
If you are not going, then I am. Goodbye.
Hiding in a corner...
Arrgh...don't pick me up....

Take your fingers off my shell!
That's better

Here's one final pose with the PSP behind me!

* * * *

This morning, the vanity in me was suddenly aroused. I succumbed to it.

"Kevin! I cute or not?"

No matter how many times I asked him this question today, he seemed very determined not to answer it.

So, while chatting with Marcus online, I decided to ask him the question.

Me: Am I cute?
Marcus: It's obvious.
Me: Say yes or no.
Marcus: It's obvious. What do you think is obvious?
Me: I want a yes or a no.

after a few seconds...

Me: On second thought, just say yes.

Marcus stopped replying my messages after that.

Look. Is it really that hard to say "yes"?


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