Friday, 13 July 2007

A week's journal

I'm so awfully sorry for not updating my blog again for the longest time. My trials are coming in a month's time and I really need to concentrate on studying.

It has been a whole week since my last entry. Here are some updates on my life:

8 July 2007
I cried. Again. Don't ask why. It's private.

9 July 2007

Damn. I hate Mondays. Classes start at 8 am and I only can go home at 5 pm. I almost skipped my Mechanics lesson simply because I wasn't in the mood for studying. Yes, I know. I shouldn't allow my emotions to get in the way. Especially when it comes to something as important as my own education. That's why I'm thankful to have friends to help me get through life. Kevin sent me an sms telling me to attend class because the lecturer was going to teach an important topic. Thanks, Kevin. you helped me keep myself on the right track.

Oh, and one of my hermit crabs died.

Sob sob. =(

10 July 2007
I finished Season One of Jigoku Shoujo. I wanna watch Season Two!!! I wanna, I wanna, I wanna! Btw, does the site really exist? I have been to it but Mozilla Firefox tells me "the webpage/url cannot be found". According to the show, the web page can only be accessed at midnight. I have yet to try it. Maybe some of you guys might wanna try it? Tell me if it works.

11 July 2007
Transformers is damn cool! I love that movie. Surprisingly, I met lots of people at Gurney Plaza. Oh and I decorated my lunch with wasabi.

You have to admit that's cute.

Then, I almost had the Impulsive Spending Disorder. The only thing that saved me from it was my wallet. It was almost empty. I regret not bringing more cash.

I managed to purchase a novel called "The Notebook" though. Not bad, actually. I love Nicholas Sparks.

I cried. Again.

12 July 2007
In less than 15 hours, I have finished the novel. There goes my RM 35.90.

My liquid paper reflected beautiful ring of lights. The effect was really cool.

Not so obvious in this picture. But trust me, the effect was really, really nice.

I cried. Till 3 am.

13 July 2007 (Today)
Despite being Friday the 13th, I didn't encounter much bad luck. Except for the fact that my eyes were puffed up from all that crying the night before. And my head was pounding like hell because I only had 3 hours of sleep.

Had laksa for lunch. I love laksa!

That's about all.

P.S: I don't think I will be updating my blog very often from now on. My trials is coming in a month's time and my final exam is two weeks after that. This blog might be idle for awhile. Maybe until November, when my exams are over. Sorry.

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