Friday, 10 December 2010

the stripping analogy

Can someone please tell me that miracle happens?
-Hong Pin Yin-

Recently have been having lotsa random thoughts. Short thoughts, not enough to be put into a blog post.

But then I thought, what the heck, I'll just compile them into a single post.

Also coz I have this tendency to share whatever online. Also coz I think Facebook ain't such a good place coz it's like more public, and even though my blog's public, but at least it's mine and only people who are really interested in reading what I write would actually come here.

Analogous to, say, stripping.

Stripping is a private thing to do, and you obviously can't do it in public, coz people would get offended and you could get into trouble with the authorities. But you can be a stripper and strip in a strip club. Now, even though that strip club is public (i.e., anybody can go there), but it would be okay for you to strip there coz the people going there aren't going to be offended by what you're doing, coz that's what they're there for. To see you strip.

Sorry for the stripping analogy; I couldn't think of a better way of putting it. But there you go.


Also another reason why I'm writing this is coz I wanted to push my previous blog post about my extravagant spending habits down. Didn't want it to show as the very first thing people see when they come to my blog, coz people might think I'm like showing off coz I'm rich or I can afford all those stuff, etc etc etc, which, in fact, is untrue. I was not showing off, merely ranting about how I am unable to control my spending habits which landed me with $30 in my pocket and $7 in the bank.

But I know some of you will insist that I'm showing off anyway. Whatever, what you think doesn't matter to me.


Random thoughts that I wanted to post on FB but thought it'd be better posted here instead:

8 a.m.: Damn, I'm like super early for work today, lets stroll a little slower to the bus stop.

10 a.m.: Should I get the HTC HD7 or a Prada bag? I only have enough cash for one of them...


1 p.m.: I was just fantasizing. Wasn't really gonna get the HD7. My HD2 works fine still. I'll get a designer bag.

1.30 p.m.: I am going to kick the next person who asks me to get an iPhone instead of a HD7.

1.31 p.m.: iPhones are like damn overrated.

1.35 p.m.: Besides, I see iPhones EVERYWHERE, EVERYDAY. You know how many times I've seen MY PHONE in public? Once. After 7 months of using my phone, I have only seen ONE other person using it. See? My phone is unique. iPhone is common.

2.00 p.m.: Don't insult Windows by saying Android is better!! I own two phones, an Android and a Windows Mobile. I can make the comparisons myself, and up till now, I have no freaking idea how to operate an Android except to make calls and text people.

3.00 p.m.: I think I'm going to buy a bag. Yes, I'll go to that sale at Suntec next Sunday and see what I can grab.

3.15 p.m.: Booooooringggg...

3.16 p.m.: I think I shall talk to my supervisor to see if I can get work leave on Tuesday and Wednesday.


3.45 p.m.: It seems that every Friday, I will feel like eating snake at work...

4.00 p.m.: In MMORPG games,most people have the misconception that the main goal is to level up as high as possible. They don't realize the main goal is to complete all the quests, and levelling is only one of the criterias to be eligible to complete some quests, or make it easier to do a quest. Hence, most people level up meaninglessly. In the end all they get is a high level with no achievements. Analogous to somebody growing old without growing up.

4.15 p.m.: OMG I want to go home so bad. Why does time move so slowly. Is it even moving at all?

4.30 p.m.: GO HOME!!!

4.40 p.m.: I think I shall delete some of my FB posts and put them on my blog instead. Somehow I think not everybody would appreciate what I write.

4.45 p.m.: Especially my last blog post about me spending too much. What if people misinterpret it as showing off?

5.30 p.m.: I'M HOOOOME!!!!

5.44 p.m.: Gosh, I hope nobody gets offended by my iPhone rant. Not that iPhone is bad or that I have anything against it, but was just thinking... "Hello, I prefer windows mobile and I prefer Windows 7 phone OS cannot is it??? You think iOS is the best OS in the world? Fine, I respect that. But IMO, Windows 7 phone OS is the best OS in the world."

5.45 p.m.: BTW, instead of including quotes by famous people at the beginning of every blog post, I should include quotes by real people. As in, my real friends. I browse through FB homepage and pick any random quote/status by a random friend and post it here. Makes things more interesting as well.

5.55 p.m.: Do you think people might actually come to my blog just to see if the quote I posted was from their FB status?

5.58 p.m.: AHH! Found a nice quote from Pin Yin. Okay, scrolling up and pasting it there... THERE! Done. =)

5.59 p.m.: Ooh, hungry. Where's that leftover cheesecake from last night's dinner...

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