Monday, 27 December 2010

Grandma's Apple.

Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that they will love you back. Never harbor expectations of love in return, instead just wait for it to grow in their heart. But if it doesn't, be content that it grew in yours.
-Sean Ooi-

So it was Christmas Eve.

Everybody at work was like.

Super happy.

Usually you would see them stressfully slumped over their desks or just arriving back from site all tired and sweaty, and contractors walking around with strained faces, but yesterday was special. Everyone was happy and talking and laughing.

Huge thanks to anonymous colleague who whistled 12 Days Of Christmas perfectly and melodiously in-tune. It made my day. =)

Also thanks to everyone for the happy mood, coz it made me feel like I was enjoying myself at work too. Also much thanks to everyone who greeted me with smiles and wished me Merry Christmas.

Also huge thanks to myself for distributing handmade farewell gifts to everyone (as Christmas Eve was also coincidentally my last day of work - maybe this also did contribute to part of my jolliness at work) coz it made everyone's day even more.

Also HUUUUUUGE thanks to the company coz WE WERE OFF WORK BY 12 P.M.!!!

So I guess there were many reasons for everyone being happy that day:
1. Friendlier colleagues.
2. Less stressed colleagues.
3. Happier colleagues, which in turn, made everyone else happier, which in turn, made everyone else happier. Circle of happiness that never ends. =)
4. Anonymous Christmas carol whistling colleague.
5. ME for handing out Toggi and Hershey chocolates in handmade gift boxes.

If you're wondering, yes, I handmade those boxes themselves, with a little help from Hui Peng. Made them reeeeaaally last minute. Started making them at 8.30 a.m., completed by 10 a.m.. Started packing chocolates and distribution commenced by 11 a.m.. By 12 p.m., all boxes distributed, time to go home.

And that's how I spent my last day of work.

So anyways, after work, as you would expect, I went out.

Marche for extremely expensive dinner, and then Orchard Road, and then for a drink at some restaurant, and then getting awfully woozy from high alcoholic content.

Pictures galore!!

(Pictures taken by my brand new Canon G12!!! First time using it!!)

All the people outside are queuing to go in. It's a wonder why. During peak hours, waiting time was up to 1 hour. Lucky we made reservations.
Before I start complaining about the food, some stuffs from the restaurant:

Them guys.

Kevin looking blur.

The "credit card" we were given. Plastic cards seem to effectively make people spend more than intended. =(

Me copying the cow. Lame, I know.

Camwhore fail.

Random shot.

Cow bells
I had a piece of pork sausage and pork chop for dinner. Total cost $18, and that was just the sausage and a slab of pork meat, without side orders (mashed potatoes, salads, coleslaws, fries, etc etc). Just. The. Sausage. And. A. Slab. Of. Meat. Cost. Eight. Teen. Singapore. Dollars.

I was still hungry after that. =(

Off to Orchard Road.

Me shoes.
Us shoes.

Take 1.

Take 2.

Take 3.


Jia Yi. =)


After walking around, we felt a lil tired so we decided to grab some drinks at some place I don't remember the name.

Interior of the place:

Us waiting for drinks.

Belly dancer performing for us!!

My cocktail: Grandma's Apple. Was nice, but alcohol content was too concentrated. =(
Chee Seng and Jia Yi fooling around:

Our drinks:
Vincent's cocktail: Sex On The Beach. It was like damn delicious. Will order it next time.

Uncle's minty lemon with mint leaves (sorry forgot the name)

Jia Yi's mocktail.

My cocktail; Grandma's Apple!! This small glass cost me FOURTEEN SINGAPORE DOLLARS. =(

OMFG their mineral water costs $7.

HAHAHAHA we look wasted in this pic.

Chee Seng enjoying his red wine.
After the drink, we went out for a walk. No pictures, coz everybody started to get crazy and people were spraying fake snow everywhere. Didn't wanna ruin my brand new camera.

Started to feel a lil woozy and almost had blackouts. Luckily Kevin was there to hold me up and help me walk straight. LOL. I didn't know a tiny cup of cocktail could damage my system that much.

Anyways. Sadly, Kevin and I had to leave the group early coz the fake snow made me feel nauseous and the alcohol made it worse. Puked like 3 times or something.

There and then, I swore to myself that I'm never drinking ever again. But I always say that every time I have a drink. Never kept my word. Don't think this time's gonna be any different.

Like I said, I still wanna try Sex On The Beach.

Kevin in the cab.

So that was Christmas Eve. Pretty much everything you could think of happened: Eating expensive foods, drinking expensive alcohol, spraying fake snow at Orchard Road at everyone, exchanging sweat droplets with strangers, getting wasted, puking all over. 

I mean, how often will you get to be 20?

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