Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Problem is

"The higher your salary, the poorer you get, because as your pay increases, your spendings increase too, but at a waaaay faster rate."


Seriously. O.M.F.G.

I didn't realize how much I had spent until today when I was IM-ing with Xing. We were, as usual, talking about shopping and stuff, when I mentioned I had to stop spending coz I had spent waaaay too much.

Problem is, I didn't know just how much.

Till I listed them down to Xing.

1. 3 pairs of Levi's
2. 2 iPod Touches (wtf man it still hurts to be reminded)
3. Altec Lansing wireless earphones
4. Lomo camera (stupid impulsive purchase)
5. Microsoft Arc wireless keyboard (kinda stupid and impulsive as well but at least it's working great)
6. Two adult weekend tickets + express passes to Universal Studio
7. Kevin's early birthday present.
8. Tamagotchi (okay, not really considered a big spend, but it's pretty significant to me)

Last but not least...

9. The. 21". I. Mac. With. Genuine. Windows. 7. &. Microsoft. Office. For. Mac. &. Apple. Care. Plan.

Came pretty much as a shock to myself too.

FYI, after the iMac purchase, I continued surviving for the next two weeks with $7 left in my bank and $30 in my wallet. 

I know, my spending habits suck. It's lucky that I don't have a credit card; I'd totally go waaay over the limit if I had one.

To think that I still need to get that Prada.


P.S.: Designer bags sale coming up @ Suntec Convention Centre on 19 Dec!! Definitely attending! Click HERE for details!!!

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