Monday, 6 December 2010

Louis Vuitton

“A woman is like a tea bag, you can not tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water”
-Nancy Reagan-

Disclaimer: Controversial post ahead. Do not read if you are a cheapo or easily offended. You were warned.

One of my Facebook friends was tagged in an album, supposedly advertising fake Louis Vuitton bags for sale.

The seller claimed the fake LV's to be "grade AAA" and to be 90% similar to the real thing.

For those of you who don't know what "grade AAA" means, its actually a term black market sellers use to describe the quality of their "designer" products.

Let me explain.

As it turns out, the original LV's are too expensive to buy, so people start duplicating fake replicas. The quality of these fake designer bags vary, and hence, the grades. Grade AAA is the best (and most similar to the real thing), followed by grade A, etc. I have no idea how many grades are out there, coz as far as I am concerned, THEY. ARE. ALL. FAKE. PERIOD.

Note that these Grade AAA *FAKE* LV's don't come cheap either. Say, the original LV cost $5000, the Grade AAA replica might cost you $500. omgwtf

If you asked me, $500 is a whole damn lot of money. Good money, which, IMO, ARE NOT WORTH SPENDING ON FAKE DESIGNER BAGS.

God, if you were ever one of those people who buy fake LV's, I despise you.

Let me get this straight.

I don't despise people coz they're not financially capable to own genuine Louis Vuitton bags (heck, I don't have that kind of money myself), I despise people who are not financially capable of owning genuine LV bags but  PRETEND THAT THEY ARE.

Like, hello, if you can't afford a Louis Vuitton, DON'T PRETEND THAT YOU CAN.

Buying a fake replica of LV? That's just low. I don't care if it's Grade F or Grade A or Grade AAA, to me, its still the one thing:


Obviously a fake. DUH.

As I said, Grade AAA LV's don't come cheap either. Instead of using that large amount of money buying A FAKE DESIGNER BAG, why not use that same amount of money to buy yourself a GENUINE BUT CHEAPER DESIGNER BAG?

Fine, so you can't afford that $5000 LV. Neither can I. That doesn't mean you can spend $500 to buy a Grade AAA fake replica LV. If you asked me, I wouldn't take the bag (urrgh. fake stuff.) even if you gave it to me for free.

Why not put that $500 to better use, for e.g., buy a CHEAPER BUT GENUINE designer bag, like Herve Chapelier or Longchamp or Kipling? These lower-end BUT STILL DESIGNER (i.e., branded) BAGS cost the same as a Grade AAA *FAKE* (have to emphasize more on the word fake) LV, but have one huge advantage: At least they're  GENUINE.

Isn't that so much more worth than wasting that kind of money on something fake?

And, if you argue that you've got no money to buy those cheaper but still genuine designer bags, then where the heck would you get the money to buy a Grade AAA *fake* LV?

And, to you who argue "Hey, I have no money at all okay??? My fake LV only cost me $50, and it's like damn fake, not even Grade AAA okay? Is being poor a crime?"

My answer to that is no, being poor is not a crime but owning fake designer bags is A HUGE FASHION CRIME, regardless of your financial status.

Unless, of course, under certain circumstances like:

1. Your sister were getting married and she said "Only ladies using Louis Vuittons are allowed at my wedding."


2. The country ruled a law saying "all citizens must own a Louis Vuitton or will be beheaded."


3. Your best friend is dying and her dying wish is for you to carry a Louis Vuitton.

and since the bride is always right and the country is law and its your friend's final breath, and you had absolutely no money to buy a genuine LV, then only would you be allowed to get a fake LV.

Back to point. If you were really that financially incapable, then instead of using that $50 to buy an extremely fake (not that there are degrees of fake-ness in a bag - lol) LV, why not use that $50 to buy something simpler, like a vintage bag or other common ones like Juicy or Roxy or even Zinc?

Or, if you can go to Bugis and get those non-designer-but-also-non-replicas-of-LV's bags for only $20 or something.

The way I see it, somebody using a $20 vintage bag is waaaaay more respectable than one who uses a $500 Grade AAA FAKE Louis Vuitton.

I'm off to get a Longchamp for myself.


P.S.: Do not shoot me with stuff like "people want to buy fake bags also cannot arr? Why you want to criticize so much?" Coz I would just retaliate with "This is my blog and I want to say bad things about cheapos because they are a cheapo cannot arr?"

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