Thursday, 6 January 2011

For all of 5 minutes.

I don't lie to people. I don’t do that. I just believe invalid truths.
-Siew May Wah-

Hello, double queen sized bed. Hello, air conditioner. Hello, giant attached bathroom with giant sink that I don't have to share with anyone else. Hello, giant wardrobe. Hello, cleanliness. Hello, 3 PHREAKING WEEKS OF HOLIDAYYYY!!!

I arrived back in Penang a few days ago but, as you would expect, I was too busy enjoying myself. Which explains the lack of uploads.

The other day I was going through my old stuff when I came across this:

Nintendo's Game Boy Advanced SP

OMG I almost forgot I owned this. The last time I even touched it was like... eons and eons ago. =.=

So I plugged it into the charger and sorted what was left of the cartridges:

old GBA catridges.

First, I plugged in my most favoritest game in the whole world:

Harvest Moon: My most bestest favoritest game in the whole wide world. 

Then my second most favoritest game in the whole world:

Final Fantasy 1 - No other FF does it better than this one.

Good ol' times!!!

The nostalgia lasted for all of 5 minutes, which after I got bored and switched back to my PSP.


Welcoming 2011!

Went to QueensBay for countdown.

While window shopping, Xing pointed this out to me and I immediately laughed out loud. Like. Really loud.:

Took me a full 5 minutes before I stopped.

I'm awfully lazy for words these days; just pics:

"OMG a glass of orange juice costs RM12++"
Random macro shot.
My mocktail, virgin mojito; was a good girl, didn't consume any alcohol that night. =)
Camwhore fail.
The 2 guys.
Honestly, I think I look pretty in this pic.
The party table.
My brand new Guess purse I bought that day.
Xing is poor.
Says boo to alcohol.
My glowing fingers. LOL I'm lame.
Of course, seeing as it is already the 6th of January and I'm only updating about NYE, lots of stuff has happened since then: Gatherings, life updates, musings, life dramas, etc etc.

Will update more soon, as soon as I overcome my laziness.

As for now, toodles.

I'm off to lazing around in my comfy room. 


Preview to next (possibly) upcoming post: STRAITS QUAY!!! (Let's hope I'm not too lazy to upload pics)

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