Thursday, 16 September 2010


"How come the iPhone sim card so small? Purposely don't want people to change to other phones is it?"
 -Anon at my office-

I have nothing to blog about.

Been reading blogs of others - happy posts, excited ones, stressed, emo, busy, fun, etc etc.


No nothing.

Even if I weren't happy, I could still have something to blog about if I were emo/sad/unhappy/whatever.

Problem is, I don't feel.

As in...


You know.


Been missing lotsa things lately.

Missing the old Harvest Moon Innocent Life I played few months back on my PSP - thinking 'bout starting to play it again but not my tradition to replay games that I've played before.

Missing The Sims 2 on PSP - again, been there, done that, so not gonna.

Missing the good ol' Nintendo Entertainment System console - yep, the ones with hideous pixels you couldn't even begin to imagine how people actually enjoyed those games waaay back then. For those young gens here, you probably don't know what NES is, and I'm not too bothered to tell either. Go Google.

Missing Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town for GameBoy Advanced. Gah. The second best HM game I've ever played (best HM goes to Innocent Life) - just fyi, the first HM I ever played was on the PS1; it wasn't that bad but not the best. Ever since, have been playing lotsa HM games, namely, HM Innocent Life (PSP), HM Friends of Mineral Town (GBA), HM More Friends of Mineral Town (GBA), HM Boy and Girl (PSP), HM Back To Nature (PS1), HM Innocent Life Special Edition (PS2), and most recently, HM Hero of Leaf Valley  - still currently playing.

My fave site for HM stuff: Check it out. Especially now that I'm waaayy too lazy to upload pics of HM. You should at least see what I'm playing. =)

*Lolness I just realised how many HM games I have played. Golly, I think they're more than Final Fantasy.*

Missing FF1 and FF2 - yes, I know the graphics are almost non-existent if compared with FF13 but classics will always be classics.

Missing being able to dance - no, not that I've danced before, thats the whole point. I don't miss dancing coz I've done it before and now I want it back; I've missed it, as in I've NEVER had it. I could have had it years back, and now it's too late and I'm never going to be a dancer.

Missing being a book author. Same concept with the dancing. Had the chance to write adult short horror stories for a publisher (ever heard of Marshall Cavendish?), but gave it up. Regrets 2 da max.

Missing Kevin.

Missing singing. I sang in my school choir back in sec school, but never did ever since I graduated. =(

Missing being able to showcast my talent in art. Same concept with the dancing and the book author thingy.

Turns out this blog post is of reminising and regretting.

At least I've finally found my feelings.

Part emo, part clueless.

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