Sunday, 19 September 2010

perm + recolor black roots + hair treatment

A lot of movies are about life, mine are like a slice of cake.
-Alfred Hitchcock -

(omigosh the word 'perm' makes me sound so old - I'd rather use the term 'curl') curled my hair yesterday.
Always wanted to give it a go, but never had the guts to - besides, hair was never long enough for it.

Had pretty much received comments from various people about how overly-long my hair is (though I don't think it's that long), hence thought it might be the best time to shorten hair without snipping 'em off.

Another reason why wanted to perm curl hair is that felt hair was too little, hence perming curling it to make it look "more massive". Or more. Or thicker. Or more volume.

Yep, think that's the word. More volume.

After curling.


1. Hair has become significantly shorter. Not a good sign, but thank God for fast-growing hair.
2. Hair seems to have more volume. Nice. =)
3. Hair feels like there's less volume. (Note: word play - 'seem' and 'feel') Probably coz the hair stylist layered my hair a lil before curling it, coz she said curled hair looks nicer when layered. A bit of a bother, espcially when I wet my hair and it becomes all flat and matted. Nevermind, hair grows back.
4. Look slightly older, but I'd rather call it mature.
5. Overall, pretty satisfied with the make-over. At least it's something new. Been getting awfully tired of the same old hair-style lately.

Sorry, no photos up. Too lazy to snap new pic of self just for the sake of blogging about it. Will upload one of new curly hair when feel like it. Won't be long. Wait.

Speaking of hair styles, have been considering getting cornrows/mini braids.

Not now, of course, have just gotten new perm (curl), wouldn't wanna spoil it so fast. 'Sides, wouldn't do to wear cornrows/mini braids to work. Supervisor mightn't like it and decide to give a bad grade for internship.

Might get it at the end of the year (or beginning of next year), or when my curls grow out, whichever comes first.

Which do you think I should get:

1. Cornrows - mini french braids that stick to scalp like so:


2. Mini braids - braids that grow out of head like normal hair, just thicker, like so:

Difference between 'em both is that one sticks to the scalp, one doesn't. So which is it, cornrows or braids?

Personally I think braids are much better coz cornrows make one look more bald; what with my already low hair count/hair densitiy.

Though it wouldn't hurt for me to hear your two cents.

Btw, perm + recolor black roots + hair treatment cost me $140.

Not too bad I guess. Cheap + pretty good hair salon just outside Boon Lay MRT Station.


First time in life, realised that had watched all movies screened at cinema; was at Cathay Cineplex today when Kevin and I realised we had ran out of movies to watch.

Excluding horror movies, of course.

Hence, had no choice but to brace ourselves, and against better judgement, bought two movie tickets for Devil.

Yeah, sure we always had the option of not watching any movie at all for the weekend (and hence saving us 20 bucks), but for the past consecutive 8-9 weeks, had been watching one movie per weekend, and we weren't about to make this weekend any different.

The weekend feels incomplete if not gone for a movie.


Devil is a movie about 5 people stuck in an elevator, and 1 by 1, they die off.

You guessed it.

Killed by the Devil.

Almost regretted settling for this movie just because we couldn't find any other better ones to watch.


Work tomorrow.


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