Friday, 18 June 2010

Hectic independence.

"No country without an atom bomb could properly consider itself independent."
-Charles de Gaulle-

Back from Taiwan, back to NTU. The last 24 hours was hectic. Only now that I'm finally able to relax a little, that I've realised that I've not blogged for quite some time now; I do realise that there's much to update, but I don't know where to start.

Arrived back from Taiwan on Wednesday evening, and then had to immediately unpack and repack to go back to Singapore the next day.

We bought 20-30 packets of iron eggs (each packet cost about RM10) but all of them got confiscated at the Penang airport coz apparently animal products are not allowed to be brought in.

I was fuming.


*If you don't know what Tiongs are, go ask any Singaporean. Or you can ask me personally.

A little story. I was at the wash room washing my hands, when this middle-aged Tiong (rude, as expected) came beside me and complained "his tap doesn't give water", and then what did she do? As I was happily washing my hands, she STUCK HER HANDS RIGHT INTO MY SINK AND TOOK MY PLACE.

No apologies, no nothing. Acted though I was insivible.

I was too shocked to say anything at first, so I just gave way to her and continued washing my hands at the basin beside hers (previously mine).

As it is the common habit of most people, after washing our hands, we fling the excess water on the floor. After THAT PERSON was done, SHE FLINGS THE WATER RUDELY AT MY DIRECTION, SPLASHING WATER ALL OVER MY LEGS.

Thinking of it right now makes me so angry, no amount of  foul words can express my angry. My only regret is that I kept quiet the whole time and didn't tell her off. I say, FUCK THEM UNCIVILISED PEOPLE!!

What say you?

Anyways. Taiwan pics will be up sometime when the laziness wears off.

So last night was touch down at Singapore, had steamboat with what few Little Grass members left in Singapore, and then started the long and perilous chore of unpacking.

And then, something very stupid happened.

I lost my key.

Yep, four hours into checking in my new room, I lost my room key. I think I have broken a new record.

I spent 30 minutes hunting for it, and then Zhi Vern, Wan Theng, and Pui Mun came and helped.

We searched everywhere until we were tired, and sat down thinking where else might it be.

"Four university students' brains, thinking of the stupidest thing ever."

-Zhi Vern-

In the end we couldn't find it, which brings us to today.

Today, I woke up freaking early, went to the Hall Office to borrow their spare key, and then off to Raffles Quay for my medical checkup and alcohol and drug test. Internship stuff lah.

Took me 1 hour to get there, another 1 hour to get my checkup done, and another 1 hour back.

Oh yeah, remember I mentioned I had red spots all over my body? Turns out I've got a mild case of chicken pox. The doctor said since I've had it before as a child, this time round, it won't be that bad. She gave me medications and said they'd go away soon.

*I hope.*

Then, it was off to duplicate my key.

Now, I'm back in my room, finally able to rest (at least for today); will have more errands to run tomorrow.

*To-do list: The seamstress, then Singtel, then to check out accommodations, then to buy health supplements, then to contact Exxon on reporting in for work.*

Okay. I've been running all over Singapore (well, not literally, but it felt like it) since morning, it's now 5 p.m., and I deserve my rest.

I hate being independent.


zhivern said...

my quote.. LOL.. shall I charge you for copyright? hahaha
eh you didn't mention how the hall officer reacted..

hall officer: HAR? SO FAST??

ahahahah you really broke their record laaa..

raedarling said...

no need copy right 1 la...ur mouth punya words not tat valuable oso..haha...