Tuesday, 22 June 2010

I wish.

Three wishes, to be exact. And ixnay on the wishing for more wishes. That's all. Three. Uno, dos, tres. No substitutions, exchanges or refunds. 
 -The Genie, Alladin-

I got so frustrated with NTU's stupid hall allocation policy that I started wishing a genie would appear right in front of me and I'd wish for lots and lots and lots of money so that I could buy  and move into one of those white bungalows just beside NTU campus.

Of course, being able to wish for anything in the world, my day dream didn't stop right there. In fact, it continued for another 2 more days until I had the perfect life and there was nothing else I could ever want.

A genie always grants 3 wishes. For me, 1 is enough. I'd use that one wish and wish for a million more wishes. Okay, assuming the genie is smart and rules out that wish, I'd wish for ten billion SGD. That should last me for a while.

If, assuming, the genie allowed me to wish for a million more wishes, I'd wish for that, and then what else would I wish for?

I wished I owned one of the big, white bungalows beside NTU. Then I wouldn't have to stay in NTU's cramped hostels anymore, not to mention, annual shifting of stuff.

I wished my bungalow had a self-cleaning system coz it's a pretty big house and I don't think I'd manage to do all the house work by myself.

I wished I had a car.

I wished I had a driver to drive that car, because I wouldn't wanna drive it myself. Traffic jams and limited parking spaces annoy me.

I wished my CGPA magically increases to 5.0 and remains there until I graduate.

I wished my shit and urine would automatically disappear from my gut and bladder so I don't have to waste time going to pee and shit all the time, coz I hate going to the bathroom. Especially when it's a shared common bathroom.

I wished my body would automatically clean itself every 1 hour or so, so that I'd smell clean, feel clean, and look clean all the time. Ideal for long days out, shopping sprees, and when I'm running late in the mornings.

I wished that no matter how much I ate, my body would NEVER grow fat.

I wished that I was slimmer.

I wished that I was slightly taller.

I wished that I had ten billion dollars, and then the first thing I'd do would be to go to the Apple Store and click like mad. Then, off to Orchard Road for my favorite LV bag and Burberry dress and Prada shoes.

And if I could wish for all of those, what would I do?

I'd buy the most beautiful villa in Singapore I can ever find, and then I'd move my parents and my family there, and I'd give half of my money to my dad for safekeeping and investing. I'm no good at investing and stuff, I'd only waste it all away on buying blue chips and non-profit stocks and losing them to potential scammers.

I'd rent out the rooms of my bungalow to my friends at unbelievably low prices. Say, $100 a month. It'd be $50 each if two people shared it. If it gets popular enough, it might even turn out to be an unofficial sorority house for NTU undergrads.

I'd buy myself lots and lots and lots of stuff. Electronics, clothes, bags, shoes, whatever you can think of.

I'd tell my parents to retire and have them stay at home all day doing nothing. Maybe send them for a tour around the world. Sounds like a great holiday.

I'd treat me and the bf to a relaxing vacation where we'd splurge on anything we want. Expensive luxury hotels, exotic food, the best services we can find.

I'd bring my friends on a fully sponsored vacation to Disneyland where we'd spend time enjoying ourselves and bonding, not having a care in the world.

I'd go to the pound and adopt one of those poor abandoned dogs and treat it well and give it lots of love.

And then, I just might be the happiest person in the world.

But for now, I guess a single room in Hall 4 and a job at ExxonMobil will have to do.


eTHaNe said...

day dreaming is nice!

raedarling said...

bt it sucks when u have to wake up. haha