Friday, 14 May 2010

The wonderful, wonderful hols.

"When the examiner gives me a question I have never heard of, I give him an answer he has never heard of."
 -A friend of mine-

Am honestly sorry for not updating for the longest time ever. Nevertheless, I should be forgiven this time coz the worst exam of my life - okay, to be fair, every exam is the worst exam of my life - is FINALLY OVER!

For the past week, I have done nothing but play.

Not really.

There was this interview for an internship at ExxonMobil (only one of the largest petroleum traders in the world - remember Esso and Mobil?) - I was so nervous that the night before I barely slept.

But I think I aced it.

(I'm not saying I'm the best candidate ever, nor am I saying that I'm very confident I'll get the job - heck, I know there were many others waaaay more suitable than I am for the job I applied for, and I am aware there is a pretty large chance I may not get it. I'm just saying that I know I did my best out there and I have no regrets about it.)

Holidays are here and hence the lack of mood to blog. Guilt finally got the better of me and here I am again.

Wanna know how near crazy exams pushed me?

Yes, that is how near-crazy we/I got.

Anyways, after the exams, we got even crazier and, as mentioned, I eventually played so hard I forgot I had a blog.

I have the pictures to prove it:

Rephrase: I ate so much I forgot I had a blog.

Ref last pic of lame smiling me posing with two $50 vouchers.

Funny story - I was campaigning for this mask contest, and I won (yes, I know you voted, I appreciate your help, thanks~ !!) two vouchers, each being worth $50. I was craving for good, expensive ice-cream when Kevin and I walked past Haagen Dazs, and I asked the cashier the most stupid thing ever:

"Can I use both vouchers in a single receipt?"

In the end, Kevin and I only managed to eat $65 worth of ice cream. As seen from pictures above, chocolate fondue and mango sorbet ice blended.

To think I so confidently convinced myself I would spend more than $100 on ice-cream.

*I still have a $50 voucher to spend on shopping/food! Whee~~~*

Ref pic of grilled steak with onion rings and chilled pasta salad - we stood in queue for FORTY WHOLE MINUTES FOR THAT MEAL.  Yes, STOOD. IN. QUEUE.

But man, was it so worth the wait. The food was unbelievably cheap (as cheap as it gets for really tasty food) - only $32 and we were filled with the most mouth-watering western food ever.

Best onion rings I have ever had.

Too bad I don't remember the name of the restaurant. Not that I'm going back there anytime soon - to stand 40 whole minutes just for a meal? This is one of those things I'd do only once, and then it's just "ah... I remember there was a time when I stupidly stood in queue for 40 whole minutes for a meal... Those were the good ol' days."



(Although it wasn't really a surprise anymore coz Kevin carelessly dropped hints. LOL)

AWWW~ My birthday cake!

Happy family~ (I think I look kinda cute in this)


Here are the previews:

Stay tuned for the big event!


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