Thursday, 20 May 2010

My mansion

Haven't been updating my blog for a long time coz I was too busy enjoying my holidays (you'd think I'd update my blog more often now that exam's over - lol) and since I have been lazing around at home for days on end, there hasn't been much to blog about anyways.

This holiday, however, didn't start like any other.

Thanks to Little Grass who gave me an impossible 3D wooden puzzle, I have kept myself busy for 3 whole nights.

Here are the bits and pieces, plus the half-done mansion:

Trust me, it was FREAKING HARD.

After 3 sleepless nights, about 5 or 6 broken nails, several minor cuts, bruises, and three blisters (one of which was so bad that it broke and bled) on both my hands - yes, it was THAT hard - I finally managed to complete it.

Back view

Side view                                                            Lookit, it even has real staircases inside it!

Anyways, I was thinking that since I still have like 2 more months of holidays, I shall take it to myself to make it a real home by installing lights (going to the electrical shop one of these days to get some wires, batteries, light bulbs, and whatever else you need to make simple circuits - boy am I glad I have at least some basic knowledge on circuits) and building miniature furniture using the left over wood I have.

Wished I could bring it back to NTU - it'd be a nice addition to my room decor. Maybe if I'm lucky enough, I could pack reeeeally light and bring it back as hand-carried luggage.

P.S.: You know what? I think I do have a knack at art stuff. Drawings, handcrafts, etc. Sometimes I feel that my creativity can be expanded so much more. Should make it my career someday if I really enjoy what I do. GAHH what the heck am I doing in the school of Engineering.

P.P.S.: Oh well, it's not that I'm that good at art anyway. That being said, I'm not that good at engineering either. I guess I'm a jack of all trades, master of nothing. =(

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